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Which is better fresh flower or handmade flower?

Flowers are an indispensable gift for any occasion. Especially on festival days, there are many types of flowers sold in the market, including fresh flowers, handmade flowers from wax, paper, clinics, and even money. So what flowers should you give your women?

When should you give fresh flower instead of handmade flower?

For many people, fresh flower is simple gift, but they can show all messages and graves for occasions. Therefore, they think that fresh flower is more advantageous than handmade flower.

Fresh flower’s advantages

There are some reasons for choosing fresh flower as a gift:


Fresh flower brings natural colour and fragrance

One of the advantages of fresh flower that handmade flower don’t have is the natural fragrance and colour. Each flower will have a different scent and colour, bringing its own characteristics. Even at different stages, flowers will bring their own beauty. Therefore, this is a big plus, attracting the attention of many women.

Fresh flower brings its viability

Of course, fresh flower has more soul and vitality than handmade flowers. Fresh flower brings people a new vitality and energy.
Looking at the fragrant flowers blooming, you will definitely feel that life becomes happier and more beautiful.
Furthermore, many flowers also have sedative, healing, and health-promoting benefits.

Fresh flower’s disadvantages

Beside many benefits of fresh flower, there are some disadvantages:


Fresh flower’s expiry is shorter

One of the obvious limitations in fresh flowers is that the time to use is much shorter than handmade flowers.

Because flowers are plants, they come from nature. Therefore, the flower will have a certain life time, if it is cut from the tree, the blooming time of the flower will be shortened. With fresh flower, you’ll have to be a little more careful about changing the water frequently or staying out of the sun. After a period of use, the flowers will wilt quickly, no longer keeping the colour and image as beautiful and fresh as the original.

In addition, fresh flower always need water to maintain life, without perfume, they will be processed faster. When using flowers, it is not possible to leave fresh flower to dry outdoors for too long, which will cause the flowers to fail completely. Usually fresh flowers only last for about 4-6 days and then wither.

Fresh flower is not cheap

In the market, almost fresh flower is more expensive handmade flower from paper, clinics, and so on.
In the USA, fresh flower is priced from $49 – $149. Europe is the leading region in the world in importing ornamental flowers and ornamental plants. Roses are the most popular flower in Europe.
Other flowers imported to Europe are tropical flowers, summer flowers and orchids. Due to the increase in imports, the US ornamental flower cultivation area has decreased significantly, so the price of flowers is also higher and higher.
Moreover, if your woman likes a flower, but it is not the season, the price will also change significantly.

When do handmade flower prefer fresh flowers?

Handmade flowers’s advantages

Contrast to fresh flower, handmade flower also have positive and negative points.


Handmade flower’s expiry is long

Handmade flower is handmade with available materials, not from nature. So handmade flower lasts much longer than real flowers. Usually, handmade flower will keep for about 3-5 years or more, depending on the material, or quality. Therefore, if you want a gift that shows the meaning of durability and stability, handmade flower is the choice you should consider.
Besides, handmade flower when preserved is not as complicated and sophisticated as fresh flower, because materials such as paper, silk, and glass cannot wither and the transportation process is also faster.

Handmade flower has diversified sizes and types

Handmade flower – a copy of fresh flower with more and more diverse designs in colours and designs. Today, in the market, stores or online shops as Camellia Bees, there is no shortage of beautiful handmade flower baskets, even looking quite like real flowers. Materials for making flowers are also quite diverse, from paper, silk, wax to stone, wood, foam, … So you don’t have to worry about the flower season because you can also see any her favourite flowers

Handmade flower’s price is cheaper

Because handmade flower is created by artisans, there is no need to wait for the season like real flowers. Whenever you like, flowers like any flower can be ordered and bought with almost no difference in price. Handmade flower is always available to serve customers in need. Flower prices are even from $1 depending on the material. With a cheaper price than fresh flower, customers can freely choose the right gift for women according to their budget while still ensuring the luxury and meaning.

Handmade flowers’s disadvantages

However, handmade flower also has some its backdraw:


Handmade flower has no natural smell

The first thing to mention is that handmade flower do not carry natural scents. For women who love the scent of flowers, this is a pretty big drawback. Usually, with handmade flower, a few shops have also added a few scents of perfume, but it is still difficult to compare with fresh flower because of the rapidity of the smell.

Handmade flower has no vitality

Besides, because it is a fake flower, it will not have a soul like a real flower. For girls who love to watch flowers bloom day by day, blooming brightly or falling petals, this is not the perfect gift. Colours from industrial materials can hardly be as natural and vibrant as fresh flower.

In short, when choosing flowers for women, you also have to find out carefully her preferences and then make the right choice. Each type of flower has different advantages and disadvantages, and each carries certain meanings. So, be a delicate man, cleverly choosing between fresh flower and handmade flower to create happiness for the woman you love!


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