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Welcome to the handmade paper flower lover's blog - Camellia Bees. Today I will show how to make simple paper leaves from crepe paper. Let's DIY with me!!!

In this tutorial, I will introduce you to the 3 most common paper leaf patterns. You just need to prepare the simple ingredients as below.

  • Crepe paper 180gsm or 140 gsm
  • White floral wire
  • Glue or Hot glue gun
  • Floral tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Now, let do it!!!

Type 01: Dianthus paper leaf craft


Cut light green crepe paper with the size of 7cm * 24cm then fold it into 8 according to the length of the paper. Use scissors to cut bevel the sides of the paper to make leaf shape.


Because the leaves are quite small lead to you need a bit of dexterity. Use bright green tape to tie the leaves together in layers then continue until full of wire. Finally, you need to adjust to shape the leaf.

Type 02: Rose paper leaf craft


First cut the pieces of crepe paper with a size of 6cmx15cm. Then cut diagonally to make 2 half triangles.

Flip one plate over so that the vertical line of the paper is directed from bottom to top. Attach 2 halves together and cut into leaf shape.


Using brown flower tape to connect leaves together, note alternately wrapping the leaves in layers. Adjust the wire to create the most realistic leaf shape.

Type 03: Money paper leaf handcraft


Cut a piece of blue crepe paper with a width of 5cm, then stretch to reduce the shrinkage of the paper. Fold it in 6 times.

Using an oval shape size 4.5cm * 4cm put on the paper has just folded and cut, you have the desired easy crepe paper leaf.


Spread glue to attach the wire to the center of the leaf. Attach 2 halves together and cut into a leaf shape.

Then do the same as the 2 leaves above, wrap flower tape to connect the final shape to complete the leaf paper.

To FOLLOW more details of the steps of making easy crepe paper leaf please click and watch the video below. Wish you can manually complete the beautiful paper leaves to use for decor or as a gift.

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