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Camellia Bees

Hello the world,
I'm Camellia Bees here! Surely many people will find me from youtube, right? But it's true that I haven't made a new video on youtube for a long time.
You know, it's been 3 years since I quit my job (I was a pharmacist) to start a business. I sell my own handmade products. However, business is very difficult, you have to learn business seriously, not just making products. So I quit my 9/5 job to work 16 hours a day for the past 3 years. It's been so hard :( Fortunately, I have been supported and loved by all of you, so  my business have been formed. Now I have time to return to blogging and prepare to make more videos on youtube channel 

Camellia in winter
I am an introverted person, my world is very busy with ideas every day. Therefore, this blog along with youtube channel will be the place where I interact with you. Hope my articles as well as handmade products will make you happier.
I named my business Camellia Bees, Camellia is a flower that blooms brightly in the cold winter symbolizing a young woman who still tries to stay strong even in traumatic circumstances - just like me. And Bees symbolizes people who love beauty, work hard and bring honey to life. The image of the cold winter, the cloudy sky, but the Camellia flower still blooming and the bees still working makes me remember forever. 

Paper flowers Camellia Bees
Since I am a fan of love stories, the products I am making will be gifts and cards for lovers and couples.
Camellia Bees' main product is flowers made of crepe paper. We can make a lot of flowers with this material - which you can see on my youtube channel Camellia Bees. However, the product being sold is a paper rose. My paper roses are meticulously and elaborately made, beautifully arranged, gorgeous flowers, worthy of standing in art exhibitions. (But I'm a bit poor so the paper roses are still in my warehouse, they have not been on the catwalk anywhere ^^) 

In the second year of the wedding, a friend sent me beautiful fabrics and asked me to make flowers to keep. I do not refuse, because I personally love handmade and have studied many craft courses in Vietnam so I have enough confidence to make any goods by hand. One Sunday morning, in my studio I cut linens to create a flower... 

linen rose

The cotton linen flower is really rustic and sincere, but it's very difficult to do. It doesn't have any plastic in it, so heating kits to shape the petals don't work. Therefore, the cotton linen flower looks very different from the silk flowers on the market.

Designing products for me has a lot of emotion. My products look simple, but because I'm the first to have those ways, it usually takes me 3-4 months to create a new item. And so is this handmade leather flower -  the gift for the 3rd wedding anniversary of the Camellia Bees brand! The creation of it I will tell more in the near future. 


Along with making handmade flowers, I also design cards. And the handmade cards for the wedding anniversaries are the most cared for by me. 

Today's post is long, I will stop here and see you in the next blog posts. In the following posts I will tell more about my products and how I create them.
Wishing you all a happy and peaceful day

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