Cotton gift ideas for the second wedding anniversary

Vy Dao

Life is just too short to brush off the little things. You second wedding anniversary can sometimes seem less monumental, but this occasion is no less special and deserves to be celebrated. 

Choosing a present that perfectly symbolizes your love and affection is a must. Traditionally, the second-anniversary gift is cotton. We've picked out here 10 nice cotton gift ideas to inspire you.

1. A Quality Set of Sheets

Bedding is the gift that keeps on giving. A nice set of sheets contributes getting a good night's sleep 365 nights a year!

2. Couple Cotton Pajama Set

What makes your love more engaged is what you have in common. Sometimes wearing the same pajamas makes you feel closer.

3. Cotton Lingerie or Cotton Boxer

This is exactly a gift that shows how deep and care a lover can bring to their partner. It is not simple to choose a perfect one but it always heats up your feelings and maybe brings you a romantic night later.

4. Cotton Bathrobe

It's as simple but subtle as your love in the second year. You are more engaged with simple things in marriage life and pay attention to some tiny things of your husband or wife. Your relationship is more mature now.

5. Cotton Blanket Throw

Just imagine you curl up on the sofa together watching a favorite movie, really cozy and peaceful.


6. Linen Love Note

If both of you follow the old-school style, then a letter written carefully on a handmade linen fabric will truly stun your spouse.

7. Socks

A box of socks matching their fashion would be a great idea. But if you want more creative, try to personalize them for your own wedding anniversary

8. Personalized Cushion

You can personalize a cushion too

9. Cotton Linen Flowers 

Or just surprise your beloved one by handmade cotton linen flowers attached with an anniversary card writing a note to mark your anniversary. Will you think it is the most romantic idea for your traditional gift style?

10. Cotton Handmade Card

Cotton Line Flowers in different colors and Anniversary Cards made with cotton are available at: Camellia Bees's Collection

A tip to you: the gift may be more elegant when being wrapped up with cotton material. 


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