Paper Gift Ideas for 1st Wedding Anniversary

Vy Dao

If you are looking for a gift for your first anniversary, congratulations, it likely means a whole year has flown by since tying the knot. You have performed the vows for one year. Yay!

Your 1st wedding anniversary (also known as the paper anniversary) marks a milestone in your new married life and deserves a special gift to mark the occasion. Giving each other a gift is an obvious way to recognize this special day.

So, you may question this:

What’s the Traditional First Year Anniversary Gift?

It is ordinary that the first year of marriage symbolically marked with a gift of paper - a material that has been the traditional 1st anniversary gift for over a 100 years.

Why paper?

Well, think about the good old days when paper was handmade and more expensive than today.

The early years of a marriage (like paper) are fragile yet withstanding. If you handle paper with love and care, that sheet of paper will maintain its written words for a lifetime. Inversely, handling the paper carelessly would make it tear, fade, or break apart into nothing.

No more waiting, we give you some ideas of traditional gift made from paper you may like

Paper Anniversary Gifts

Photo Calendars

Create your own unique photo calendar with your favorite wedding photos or pictures of your first year married. 


Picture Frame for 1 Year Married

This photo frame allows you to hang a paper picture for your paper wedding anniversary gift.


Paper Letter

A love letter written on this beautiful paper and given as a gift is perfect for your 1st wedding anniversary! 


Plantable Seed Paper

Plant these beautiful seed papers and watch flowers grow. 


Paper Bouquet

These paper flowers last forever!


Paper Ornament

Add an ornament to your tree, or on the table, wherever aestheticize your house


Scratch Off Paper Map

Track your travels by scratching off the places you travel together!


Paper Anniversary Card

Sometimes, a card makes the best paper anniversary gifts! Write heartfelt words inside or capture the essence of your first year together.


You can also find the perfect present for the very 1st anniversary in our unique collection of paper flowers and quilling cards.


Here are some more exclusive designs from Camellia Bees Collection


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