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DIY Paper Calla Lily DIY – How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers Step-By-Step

Welcome to a handmade flower’s blog – Camellia Bees. I will show you how to make paper Calla Lily flower. Follow my step by step tutorials to make them quickly.

You just need to prepare the simple ingredients as below.

– Crepe paper: White, light yellow

– Tissue

– Glue or Hot glue gun

– Floral tape

– Scissors

– Ruler

Now we start to do easy paper Calla Lily flower!!!

Step 1: Stigma of Calla Lily flower: 

Prepare a small piece of light yellow paper to stamen, cut paper 8 inches long

Use paper towels wrapped from the top of the trunk to the bottom about 4 inches long to thicken the stigma. To secure the newly wrapped paper, remove the glue with glue. Then continue to wrap one with floral tape. 

Use the pale yellow piece of paper, twisted at the center, and then tap on the wrapped stigma. You will get the perfect Calla Lily stigma. 

Step 2: Petal of Calla Lily:

Cut the white crepe paper into a 14cm * 14cm square, fold it in half. Then cut in half diagonally into a triangle.

Paste the edges of the paper into a funnel shape then stretch the ends of the petals to make them inflated and curved

Step 3: Sepal of Calla Lily:

Use floral tape to wrap from the bottom of the petal to the end of the stem. So you’ve completed a beautiful paper Calla Lily flower. 

To follow more details to step by step to make paper Calla Lily flower please click and watch the video below. Hopefully, with the above easy instructions, you can complete a beautiful paper flower to decorate or make a gift for your friends or relatives. Let’s try it !!!! 


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