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Do you know about black paper roses?

 Although people now are very interested in black paper roses, the true meaning of black paper roses is not understood thoroughly. This blog would help you gain some interesting knowledge about black paper roses and the steps to make easy black paper roses at home. 

Overview of black paper roses

The meaning of black paper roses

Black paper roses have both plus and minus meanings. There are positive meanings of black paper roses: 

  • Mystery and charm: When combined with a rose, the black color adds mystery and charm, making black paper roses a fantastic present for someone as elegant and strong as the flowers themselves.
  • Rebirth and renewal: As black paper rose represents the life cycle, things that seem to have ended rise above the hardships and become stronger over time. Black paper roses also relate to people who experience significant loss, then, still survived and changed into a better version. 
  • Strength and courage: People might choose the flower as it reminds them of their inner strength, a resilience that helps them get over and begin with new things, new challenges, or turning to new pages.

On the other hand, black paper roses also witness some opposite meanings despite their positive ones. 

  • Death, mourning: Black color, in some countries, normally brings us sad feelings, that is also the reason why black paper rose is often used in funerals when a person passes away. 
  • Hatred and tragedy:  sometimes, it shows the end of the devotion, or people don’t want to continue to be hurt anymore. 

However, it should still be noted that the meaning of black and black paper roses depends on the specific culture, tradition, and circumstances of each recipient. 

The outstanding features of black paper roses

It can be seen that fresh black roses bring us a feeling of freshness and attractiveness but, some may cause inconvenience due to their limitation of use.  Besides, the black paper roses also have their beauty, generating benefits for the following reasons: 

  • Uniqueness: Since the black paper flower is 100% handmade, the flowers show their uniqueness when none of them have the same appearance as others. Hence, the receiver would feel more special when given a handmade black paper flower. 
  • Long-lasting usage: The black paper roses’ lifespan can stay permanently if we don’t ruin it. You don’t have to spend much money on growing it and sometimes, it can be prettier than the fresh black roses. 
  • Allergy-free: For individuals with allergies or sensitivities to floral scents, black paper roses provide a beautiful alternative. They don’t release any pollen or fragrances, allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty of the rose without any allergic reactions.
Long-lasting black paper roses

Black paper roses as a gift

Black paper roses for special occasions

As for the difference in meanings of black paper roses, people use it in different situations as well.

  • Wedding anniversaries: Due to the endless love meaning, if the partner gives you a black paper rose, it means he/she wants to be with you forever. The love they spend for you cannot be counted and it continues to increase day by day. Moreover, combining black paper roses with a customized photo frame would bring back good memories between the two of you. 
  • Grand opening, birthday party: It means a powerful, new beginning, or boosting their strength to a higher level.  You can give black paper roses with other gifts that suit the recipient’s preference such as a book, clothes, a bag, and so on. 
Black paper roses bouquet
Black paper roses bouquet

Black paper roses for different relationships

If black paper roses mean endless love in couple relationships, it means a deep connected friendship. Among people who share the same interests, they automatically see the magnificence in their souls as there are intangible lines that connect them.

Giving them black paper roses would let them feel special, or be backed up whenever they want. You can combine a black paper rose with a personalized photo book or bracelets which would boost your friendship stronger. 

Where to buy black paper roses

Buying in offline souvenir stores

Since there is an increasing demand for black paper roses, some souvenir stores begin to make stunning black paper flowers to sell. Additionally, you can go there and buy as many black paper flowers in many different colors as you want.

Buying on E-commerce Platforms

In case there is no souvenir store near you, E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, and Etsy also serve you well. It gives you a wide range of choices and helps you save time as a delivery service. On such platforms, there are a lot of shops that sell black paper roses, and other different colors that suit you best. Or you can even buy the raw materials and make a black paper rose yourself. It would be much more meaningful when you give to your partners.

You can visit the Camellia Bees site for beautiful black paper roses that is 100% handmade by handcraft artists with environmentally-friendly materials.

Handmade black crepe paper rose
Camellia Bees’s black paper rose

Ways to make black paper roses at home

You can make a black paper rose at home if you want to do it yourself. Here is our guide for you: 

  • Step 1: Preparing the materials

  • Step 2: Making the pistil

  • Step 3: Making the petals

  • Step 4: Making the leaves

  • Step 5: Completing the black paper rose

There are some main steps for you to follow in general. However, Camellia Bees has a post that provides you with specific steps to make a wonderful paper rose and some useful tips for you to create. 

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