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How To Make Paper Flower Dianthus From Crepe Paper – DIY Tutorial

Welcome to a handmade flower’s blog – Camellia Bees. I will show you how to make paper flower Dianthus. Follow my step by step tutorials to make them quickly.

Let’s see how to make these easy crepe paper flower Dianthus with full stem and leaves. So easy paper DIY for all of you. Step by step tutorial for crepe paper flower making – do it yourself.

What you will need:

– Scissors

– Floral Tape (Green or Light Green)

– Tacky Glue or Hot Glue gun

–  Floral Wires 140gsm

– Crepe paper : White and Green

– Water color

Now, let’s DIY paper flower Dianthus with me!

Step 01: Petals of paper flower Dianthus

Cut white crepe paper with size of 1/4 inch * 1 1/4 inch, need about, need about 5-6 wings to form a complete paper flower Dianthus.

Next, stretch one end of the paper to reduce the amount of shrinkage, then cut the leaf to the shape below.

Use accented watercolors to complete the petals of paper flower Dianthus so that they look the most realistic.

Step 02: Leaves of paper flower Dianthus

Fold a piece of green crepe paper 8 times, then cut it into a leaf shape with size 1/4 inch * 2 inch

Step 03: Stamens of paper flower Dianthus

Make use of the remaining white crepe paper cut into 2 thin strips and 2 inches long. Then shape to complete the pistil of paper flower Dianthus.

Step 04: Connect leaf and stems to complete

Use floral tape to connect the trunk and leaves together, note the 2 leaves attached to the branches in a symmetrical position. Continue to do the same with the rest of the leaves to form a beautiful paper flower Dianthus.

To follow more details to step by step making paper flower Dianthus., please click and watch the video below. Hopefully, with the above easy instructions, you can complete a beautiful paper flower to decorate or make a gift for your friends or relatives. Let’s try it !!!!

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