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How to make paper sunflower from crepe paper- DIY Craft Tutorial

Welcome to my blog tutorial on making handmade paper flowers – Camellia Bees. Today I will guide you step by step to make a paper sunflower from crepe paper.

The time you make a DIY paper sunflower – Realistic paper sunflowers according to this guide can be 15 minutes.

You will need the following materials:

– Crepe paper 140gsm or 180gsm (Italian Crepe paper)

– Floral wire 16 gauge green

–  Floral tape

– Hot glue gun

– Scissors

– Marker pen

Now gather the ingredients and start doing it.

Step 01: Base of paper sunflower

Cut 2 circles diameter 6.5cm from carton paper.

Then create a hole in the center to connect with the body, spread glue to complete the sunflower base paper.

Step 02: Pistil of paper sunflower

Cut a brown piece of crepe paper with a length of 23cm with widths of 1.7cm, 2.3cm and 3.3cm respectively.

Then trimming sawtooth and roll each layer to the end.

Do the same with the golden crepe paper size (3.6cm * 23cm) and paste in turn to create a complete pistil. Spread glue on the finished pistil on the finished paper sunflower base.

Step 03: Petals of paper sunflower

Cut the yellow paper strips and fold them into small pieces with size 6.5 cm * 2.5cm then cut petals.

Paste the petals into the upper pistil, making sure to paste them in two alternating layers.

Step 04: Calyx of paper sunflower

Cut green crepe paper with the size of 4cm * 13.5cm to make calyx shape. Paste and twist calyx into two different layers.

 Connect the leaf to the stem with leaf tape and complete a realistic sunflower paper to decor your home, your working corner or handmade gift maybe. So we will have a real handmade paper sunflower from crepe paper.

The following is a detail on how to make a paper sunflower step by step on my youtube channel.


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