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How To Make Paper Tulip From Paper Tulip Kit – Crepe Paper Flower

Welcome to a handmade flower’s blog – Camellia Bees. I will show you how to make paper tulip flowers from paper tulip kit . Follow my step by step tutorials to make them quickly.

These easy beautiful paper tulips tutorial for beginners crepe paper. They look perfect on the vase to decorate your home. Let’s see how to make these easy crepe paper tulip with full stem and leaves. So easy paper DIY for all of you. Step by step tutorial for Crepe paper flower making kit – do it yourself.

You just need to prepare the simple ingredients as below:

* The kit includes:

–  Paper template

–  Floral wires

–  Assortment of crepe paper

–  Flower builders’ kit set (leaves, precut petals, center…)

* Additional Required Supplies:

– Scissors

– Good quality Floral tape

–  Pencil or pen

– Ruler

– Tacky glue or hot glue gun

Now, let’s DIY paper tulip flowers with me!

Step 01: Stamens & Pistil of paper tulip flower

Use floral tape to wrap the pistil provided in the kit to connect with the trunk of paper tulip flowers, continuous for the remaining clay pistils.

It is very easy to do, you just need to use the products available in the kit to create a beautiful paper tulip flower without spending much time.

Step 02: Petals of paper lotus flower

Spread glue on the central part of the petal, then glue the two petals together with the wire. After that swipe gently to shape the petals of paper tupil flower.


Use the floral tape to connect the petals and the finished pistil in a circle.

Do the same for the second layer of flowers, note the interwoven lotus into 2 staggered layers together.

Step 03: Leaves of paper lotus flower

Gently pull the tip of the leaf to make it more flexible, then apply glue to the bottom of the leaf to attach to the stem.

It’s simple, right. You can instruct your kid to do the same so they can better understand the tulip flowers and practice their dexterity.

To follow more details to step by step making tulip paper flower, please click and watch the video below. Hopefully, with the above easy instructions, you can complete a beautiful paper flower to decorate or make a gift for your friends or relatives. Let’s try it !!!!

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