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List of 5 Activities To Do For A Memorable 6th Wedding Anniversary

 On the 6th wedding anniversary, many activities occur to celebrate this milestone. In case you don’t know what you should do on this aniniversary to make your partner unforgettable, we are here to lend you a hand! Let’s discover 5 things to do in the 6th wedding anniversary celebration.

Meanings of 6th wedding anniversary

As couples reach their 6th wedding anniversary, they have undoubtedly grown stronger and more connected in their relationship. This milestone is a testament to the love, commitment, and resilience they have shown throughout the years. The 6th wedding anniversary holds special meanings and symbols that reflect the journey the couple has taken together and the path that lies ahead.

The traditional theme of 6th wedding anniversary

On a 6th marriage anniversary, the traditional gift is iron, which symbolizes strength, durability, and the ability to last through time. Just as iron is formed under extreme heat and pressure, a marriage of six years has experienced difficulties and emerged stronger.


The modern theme of 6th wedding anniversary


Wood is the modern gift for the 6th wedding anniversary, reflecting the couple’s growth, stability, and deep roots over the years.

Wood encourages the couple to be resilient in the face of adversity, to adjust to change, and to continue nourishing their relationship. It acts as a reminder of their commitment’s long-term and enduring character as they develop a life together that is strong, supportive, and capable of withstanding the test of time.


Sugar, associated with the 6th wedding anniversary, represents the sweetness and joy found in the journey of a couple’s marriage. It symbolizes the delightful moments, shared laughter, and happiness experienced together.

Just as sugar adds flavor and sweetness to life, the 6th anniversary serves as a reminder to savor the small pleasures, cherish the loving moments, and appreciate the sweet bond that has been cultivated over the six years of marriage.

5 things to do for a remarkable 6th wedding anniversary

Here are 5 activities that you can consider to make your 6th wedding anniversary a memorable moment.

Exchanging gifts for 6th wedding anniversary

Giving presents on 6th wedding anniversary become a traditional activity that almost couples can do on this day. Camellia Bees suggest you some gift idea that can surprise your partner. 

  • Iron gifts: You can consider giving your partner a handmade 6th wedding anniversary gift such as an iron rose, iron handmade card, iron sculpture, iron candle holder, handcrafted iron keychain, or iron-inspired home decor. 
  •  Wood gifts: Giving your partner a modern theme-wood gift for 6th wedding anniversary is also an interesting idea. It can be a wood photo cube, wood flower, customized photo frame, engraved wood coaster, wood handmade card, etc. 
  • Sugar-based gifts: Chocolate box, a box of candies or candy bars, bakery, and so forth. However, these gift ideas will not make him or her surprised enough, then you can make your present special by making it yourself,  adding personal wishes that you want to show your love and appreciation to your spouse. Or you can special dinner on your 6th wedding anniversary and surprise your husband/wife with the present as a dessert. 
Gifts ideas on 6th wedding anniversary

Sending love letter or notes on 6th wedding anniversary

You can surprise your partner with a love letter or notes on this celebration as well. Maybe you are sometimes shy when it comes to expressing your feeling for your love, but it is essential to say 6th wedding anniversary wishes  – a half more decade you two go together.  

Here are some tips for you to send a special letter: 

  • Write about your journey: Take some time to reflect on your journey as a couple over the past six years. Think about the memories you’ve shared, the challenges you’ve overcome, and the growth you’ve experienced together.
  • Share future dreams: On your 6th wedding anniversary, you can use this opportunity to discuss your hopes and dreams.  Talk about the adventures you want to embark on together, the goals you want to achieve as a couple, and the continued growth you aspire to experience. It will show your commitment and excitement for the journey ahead.
  • Choose the right delivery method: You can opt for traditional handmade cards and give them in person or surprise them with a series of notes every day. Or you can also consider using digital means. 

Camellia Bees also give you other ideas to write in a wedding anniversary card.

Writing love letter on 6th wedding anniversary

Having a photoshoot for 6th wedding anniversary

Having a photoshoot for your 6th wedding anniversary is a wonderful way to celebrate your love and capture beautiful memories. Organizing a wedding anniversary picture shoot is a lovely way to recapture the magic and create more memories of your married life together that you may cherish throughout time.

Camellia Bees suggests you some concepts and ideas for your photoshoot: 

  • Romantic weekend photos
  • Stay-at-home photo session
  • Garden, beach, forest, dessert
  • Rainy weather photos
  • Wedding day replay
  • Shared activities
Photoshoot on beach for 6th wedding anniversary

Organizing weekend getaway for 6th wedding anniversary

A weekend getaway for 6th wedding anniversary may be organized in various ways, but the most important thing is to create a possible experience for both of you and your significant other. We give you some tips to have a memorable weekend getaway experience:

  • Determine a suitable location:  There are many places for you to choose such as cabin retreats in the mountain, beachside hotels,  city escape, wine country tour, etc. 
  • Plan romantic activities: No matter where you choose, it is important that it can create a memorable atmosphere for you to recap your 6th wedding anniversary and share your love, and appreciation together. It can be a romantic candlelit dinner, a scenic hike, or exploring local attractions and landmarks.
  • Capture the memories: Don’t forget to capture the special moments of your anniversary weekend. Take plenty of photos together to create lasting memories

It is important to consider your and your partner’s preferences to choose a suitable place and arrange activities that align with your interests and allow you to create beautiful memories together.

Spending time relaxing together at 6th wedding anniversary

Everyone needs time to relax and heal their souls. Why don’t you combine time relaxing with your 6th wedding anniversary? It would be a wonderful way to celebrate your love and enjoy the moment. Here are some activities to help you have a relaxing time memorable:

  • Plan a spa day: Let’s treat yourselves to a day of pampering and relaxation at a spa. You can consider booking a couple’s massage, or enjoy a soak in a luxurious hot tub, and so on.
  • Having a picnic in nature: It is also a great way to relax and heal with nature.  Find a serene spot in a nearby park, garden, or beach, and pack a picnic basket with your favorite foods and drinks. Take the opportunity to reconnect, have meaningful conversations, and simply enjoy each other’s presence.
  • Unplug and disconnect: Dedicate a specific period of time to unplug from technology and create a digital-free zone. Turn off phones, laptops, and other devices and focus solely on being present with each other. Just only two of you would create a peaceful atmosphere to share your 6th wedding anniversary wishes with your spouse. What a wonderful experience!
Having a picnic for 6th wedding anniversary

All at once, Camellia Bees wish you a memorable 6th wedding anniversary. We hope our suggestions suit you best!


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