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Meaning Of Wedding Anniversary Flower From Year 11 to 30

In this second section, Camellia Bees will discover the significance of wedding anniversary flowers from years 11 to 30 for your celebration. Let’s find out about gorgeous flower traditions and give them to your partner in a proper way! 

Meaning of wedding anniversary flower from year 11 to year 30

Each year has a traditional wedding flower, let’s discover why these flowers are chosen to celebrate the anniversaries. Camellia Bees will show you the list of anniversary flowers from year 11 to year 30.

11th wedding anniversary flower: Morning Glory

Morning glory is the traditional flower on the 11th wedding anniversary. Morning Glory gets its name because the flower blooms in the morning dies in the evening within a day, and then blooms the next day. The flower’s life cycle is short, but it demonstrates the power to renew every day, much as couples’ love and devotion can be refreshed and the possibility for a new beginning.

Furthermore, Morning Glory’s ascending nature and ability to resist hard conditions represent the endurance and ability to conquer challenges that two individuals shared for 11 years.


12th wedding anniversary flower: Peony

The 12th wedding anniversary flower, Peony, is a stunning and significant bloom that carries many symbolic meanings related to love. Peonies are often regarded as the symbol of a happy and prosperous marriage. They represent the joy and contentment that come from a loving and successful union between a couple after twelve years of marriage.

The Peony’s lush and abundant blooms symbolize good fortune, prosperity, and wealth, making it an auspicious flower to mark this milestone. In some contexts, this wedding anniversary flower is linked to bashfulness and shyness, suggesting the modest and tender feelings partners have for each other in a long-term relationship.


13th wedding anniversary flower: Chrysanthemum

On the 13th wedding anniversary, people used to celebrate the milestone with the Chrysanthemum flower. The vibrant and cheerful colors of Chrysanthemums represent joy and happiness, celebrating the moments of happiness shared by the couple throughout their marriage. 

The reason why Chrysanthemum represents for 13th wedding anniversary is that the flower is often associated with good fortune, devoted love, and long-lasting happiness. All of them are important to help the couple gain a successful marriage.chrysathemum-flowers-for-13th-wedding-year-4

14th wedding anniversary flower: Dahlia

The wedding anniversary flower of the 14th celebration is the dahlia. This beautiful and varied flower symbolizes a bond and commitment that endures the test of time, signifying the stability of the couple’s relationship. Dahlia’s elegant blooms signify dignity and grace, reflecting the refined and mature nature of the couple’s love. Additionally, offering Dahlia on 14th wedding anniversary as a gift covey gratitude and appreciation for the love and support shared by the couple throughout their marriage.

The vibrant color of Dahlia symbolizes inner radiance and the beauty that emanates from a loving and harmonious relationship. Giving this flower to your spouse would remind him/her to continue cherishing the joyous moments in life. 


15th wedding anniversary flower: Rose

Roses are considered the most romantic flower in the world, and they are chosen to commemorate the 15th wedding anniversary. The Rose, particularly the red rose, is a classic symbol of love and passion. It represents the couple’s enduring and passionate love that has blossomed and grown stronger over fifteen years of marriage.

People usually present roses on the 15th anniversary to signify the couple’s thankfulness for each other’s love, support, and companionship. The balance of softness and thorns in roses symbolizes the harmony that a long-term relationship can achieve, acknowledging both the sweet and challenging moments.


20th wedding anniversary flower: Daylily

Due to the fact that up till now, there is no official flower for the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th wedding anniversary. We skip to the 20th wedding anniversary flower which is Daylily. 

Once you achieve your 20th wedding anniversary, you can sit back and rewind your memories of sadness, and happiness. Daylily is a unique flower with the meaning of devotion and timeless love, which is ideal for the 20th celebration.

This wedding anniversary flower is admired for its beauty and elegance, representing the beauty that the couple has brought into each other’s lives. With the test of time, Daylily is able to produce new blooms signifies new beginnings, inspiring the couple to embrace the opportunities and adventures that lie ahead in their future together.


25th wedding anniversary flower: Iris

Iris, the 25th wedding anniversary flower, represents faith, hope, and wisdom. In France, the name of this type of flower is “Fleur-de-Louis” (the flower of light). Twenty-five years is such a long journey that both people went together. Throughout difficulties and happiness, the couple stays still and their love remains unchanged. Iris flower with its vibrant colors is an ideal symbol for your strong and long-lasting relationship.


30th wedding anniversary flower: Lily

When it comes to commemorating a 30th wedding anniversary, the Lily is the most appropriate flower. The bloom means purity, innocence, and love’s sincerity. 

When a couple spends a third of their lives together, many things happen, and they now appreciate the moment with the deepest feeling, hoping that their journey will endure a long time. All of their sons and daughters now have children to share this momentous occasion with their grandparents. 

Let’s enjoy the moment together and wish grandparents a happy life till the last day of their lives. The wedding anniversary flower not only shows pure love but also a prosperous and abundant life. It conveys the richness and fulfillment the couple has found in their marriage.

Moreover, the 30th wedding anniversary flower is often considered a royal flower, and their presence on the 30th year of marriage represents the majestic and profound love that has thrived between the couple. 

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Ideas for gifting wedding anniversary flower

When gifting wedding anniversary flowers, you can consider these thoughtful and creative ideas to make the gesture even more special:

  • Giving fresh flower bouquet: Present a beautifully arranged bouquet of fresh flowers, featuring the recipient’s favorite blooms or a mix of flowers symbolizing their anniversary year.
  • Giving handmade flowers: Besides fresh flowers, you can give your sweetheart handmade flowers such as handmade paper flowers, handmade leather flowers, etc depending on the theme of the wedding anniversary year. This is a creative way to show your sincerity to him/her. The recipient’s mood would brighten up when receiving the flower crafting by yourself. If you are looking for handmade paper flower tutorial videos, you can search Camellia Bees’s YouTube channel.
  • For decoration purposes: Wedding anniversary flowers are not only used to gift to your love but also used as the main theme of the anniversary celebration. Decorating the right anniversary flowers shows your thoughtfulness, and caring for your partner.

All at once, personalization and thoughtfulness go a long way in making the gift extra special. The most important thing is to express your love and appreciation through the beauty and symbolism of flowers, making their anniversary celebration even more memorable and meaningful.

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