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Meanings Of Anniversary Flowers For Your Wedding Celebration

If you’re wondering what the meanings of anniversary flowers in anniversary year are and why you should choose those flowers, this blog will provide you with the greatest answers. As each year has a different flower theme, giving anniversary flowers by year is a meaningful gesture that your sweetheart will love.

Why should give anniversary flowers

Flowers carry deep symbolic meanings and since hundreds of years ago, people have also used flowers to communicate. Today, flowers symbolize life, love, and beauty, making them the perfect anniversary gift for your loved one.

Anniversary flowers signify romance

Anniversary flowers signify romance by symbolizing love, commitment, and appreciation between partners. They serve as a visual reminder of the celebration of the enduring bond in the relationship.  

Each bloom conveys a specific message, and certain flowers are associated with particular anniversaries, adding sentimental value to the gesture. Furthermore, the colors, the scents, and the beauty of flowers help to create an intimate atmosphere, making them an ideal romantic gift. 

Anniversary flowers show sincerity and thoughtfulness

It is a really thoughtful gesture to send flowers to your wife on your wedding anniversary. Anniversary flowers are a great way to show your wife that you care about marriage, about you. Giving anniversary flowers to commemorate your wedding anniversary is a beautiful way to remind your wife that you are thinking of her on this special day. 

Meaning of anniversary flowers by year

Because each flower has a unique meaning, each wedding anniversary year is celebrated with a new variety of flowers. The symbolism of anniversary flowers by year is given below.

1st wedding anniversary flowers: Carnation

Carnation is considered to be the first wedding anniversary flower due to its freshness, youthful appearance, and the new beginning of a marriage. It has long been associated with young and passionate love – a perfect flower for newlyweds!

2nd wedding anniversary flowers: Cosmos

On 2nd wedding anniversary, beautiful cosmos flowers are commonly used as they show the symbolism of a more complex version of love. Both people have been through one year of marriage and continued to go further with the harmony of life, and the power of love. 

The flower signifies the moments and experiences you shared together, furthermore, enhancing their connection and commitment to each other. This bloom is perfect when it comes to symbolizing 2nd anniversary flowers.

Tradditional wedding anniversary flowers

3rd wedding anniversary flowers: Sunflower

Sunflowers are loved for their vibrant, cheerful nature, and longevity. The flowers symbolize warmth, adoration, and loyalty. The yellow color reflects the happiness and joy shared by the couple during the early years of marriage. 

The sunflower’s unique characteristic of turning its face towards the sun represents the couple’s dedication to supporting and uplifting each other through life’s challenges. As a result, the blooms are regarded as the traditional 3rd wedding anniversary flowers. 

4th wedding anniversary flowers: Geranium

Geranium can be the traditional flower for 4th wedding anniversary as it symbolizes positive qualities such as unity, comfort, protection, resilience, and so on.
After four years of marriage, you find it comfortable with your partner’s habits, and their presence is essential in your life.
These factors symbolize the solid foundation of trust and emotional security you have built during four years, allowing their love to flourish and grow.
That’s also why geranium is one of the best anniversary flowers for the 4th wedding celebration.

5th wedding anniversary flowers: Daisy

Daisy is a traditional anniversary flower because of its purity, innocence, and everlasting affection. Therefore, daisy flowers are commonly used on the 5th wedding anniversary. They symbolize new beginnings, capturing the essence of a couple’s journey as they celebrate five years together.  Each flower’s petal radiates outwards from a central core, symbolizing the way love expands and blossoms over time as the couples still grow stronger day by day.

6th wedding anniversary flowers: Calla Lily

The calla lily is often designated as the traditional flower for the 6th wedding anniversary. This elegant flower carries deep meanings that make it a perfect choice for this milestone. The calla lilies symbolize beauty, grace, and purity as the pretty white flowers are used in bridal bouquets. They represent the magnificent transformation and growth that a couple experiences after six years of marriage. The sleek and sophisticated appearance of these anniversary flowers reflects the refined nature of a mature relationship over the six years of marriage.

Wedding anniversary flowers by year

7th wedding anniversary flowers: Freesia

The traditional flower for 7th wedding anniversary is freesia. The blooms commonly symbolize trust, friendship, and sweetness. However, different freesias’ colors carry different meanings. White freesia signifies innocence and purity, red freesia symbolizes love and passion, yellow freesia covers friendship and optimism meaning, etc. Especially, white freesia flowers are often used for bridal bouquets due to their symbolic meaning of purity and sweetness. 

After 7 years of going together, the couple may need new waves to refresh, reinforce their love, and deepen their bond. 

8th wedding anniversary flowers: Clematis

Clematis is often designated as the flower for the 8th anniversary due to its symbolic meaning and representation of mental beauty. Clematis flowers symbolize intellect, creativity, and the power of the mind. As couples reach the 8th year of marriage, they have likely experienced personal and intellectual growth both individually and as a unit. The clematis flower serves as a reminder of the strength and beauty of their shared mental connection. This is one of the most prestigious anniversary flowers ever.

Wedding anniversary flowers by year

9th wedding anniversary flowers: Poppy

Poppy is the 9th traditional anniversary flower due to its beauty, imagination, and remembrance. As couples commemorate nine years of marriage, the poppy becomes a fitting choice to celebrate the beauty that has blossomed within their relationship. The vibrant colors and delicate petals of the poppy reflect the beauty and uniqueness of their love. 

Moreover, these types of anniversary flowers associate with imagination and creativity, signifying the imaginative spirit that couples nurture together as they explore new horizons and dreams.

10th wedding anniversary flowers: Daffodil

The best wedding anniversary flower for the 10th year is the daffodil flower. Daffodils bloom in early spring, representing the fresh start and renewed energy that comes with reaching the milestone of ten years of marriage. By incorporating daffodils into the 10th-anniversary celebration, couples can celebrate the journey of renewal, the enduring bond they have formed, and the bright future ahead.

Selection and gift ideas with wedding anniversary flowers

After knowing about the meanings of anniversary flowers, you need to consider other aspects on how to show your appeciation and love to your spouse and how to surprise him/her on wedding anniversary. We gives you some tips for selectiong the best anniversary flowers and recommend some gifts associated.

Tips for choosing the best anniversary flowers for wedding celebration

Camellia Bees gives you some tips for choosing the best anniversary flowers for your beloved partner:

  • Opt for long-lasting blooms: Select flowers that have a longer lifespan, so you can ẹnoy your gift for an extended period. This ensures a lasting reminder of your love. You can even choose handmade flowers instead of fresh ones. It could be special anniversary flowers that will make your spouse surprise.
  • Go for a seasonal theme: Embrace the season of your anniversary and select flowers that are abundant during that time. This adds a natural and seasonal touch to your celebration.
  • Personalize with favorite colors: Choose flowers in your partner’s favorite colors to show thoughtfulness and create a personalized touch. Consider their favorite shades or hues that hold special significance to them.
  • Go for a bouquet of mixed flowers: Combine different types of flowers to create a vibrant and visually appealing bouquet. Mix colors, shapes, and textures for a unique and eye-catching arrangement.

Gifts ideas with wedding anniversary flowers

Just giving anniversary flowers may not be enough sometimes, then you can incorporate the flowers with other gift ideas as well. Here are our suggestions that can help:

  • Love letter or note: Pair the anniversary flowers with a handwritten note, expressing your feelings and memories from your journey together. This heartfelt gesture adds an extra layer of sentiment to the gift.
  • Handmade gifts: They will be the most meaningful presents that you can give to your partners on the wedding anniversary day. The crafting gifts can be handmade flowers, cards, photo albums, keychains, etc.
  • Romantic home-cooked dinner: Prepare a special home-cooked meal for your anniversary celebration. Set the table with candles and a beautiful flower arrangement as the centerpiece.

All at once, Camellia Bees hopes you find this information helpful. We wish you a memorable wedding anniversary!

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