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Paper Lisianthus – How to make crepe paper flower Easy Step by Step

Welcome to a handmade flower’s blog – Camellia Bees. I will show you how to make paper Lisianthus flower. Follow my step by step tutorials to make them quickly.

You just need to prepare the simple ingredients as below:

  • Crepe paper
  • White floral wire
  • Glue or Hot glue gun
  • Tissue paper
  • Floral tape
  • Paint palette
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Now let’s to make a pretty paper Lisianthus flower by yourself!!!

Step 1: Bud of Lisianthus flower

Roll up the floral wire in a flower bud pattern using tissue paper, then grab the floral tape to wrap it tightly.

Once you have the stigma, fold the paper and cut the petals according to the pattern and size: 1inch * 2inch.

Next, glue and paste about 5-6 petals then paste into the stigma and remember to gently twist the petals with your hand.

Step 2: Calyx and leave of Lisianthus flower

Cut green crepe paper by size: 3/4 inch*1 1/2 inch, then cut calyx as shown above. Cover the bud with glue and sepals, continue using crepe paper to wrap the whole trunk of paper Lisianthus flower.

Finished the calyx is when you scan the color of the petals from outside to inside to complete.

Making leaves for Lisianthus flowers is really easy, you just need to cut green crepe paper into a square with the size: 6cm * 6cm. Then cut the square in half diagonally.
Finally you symmetrically cut the cut paper onto the floral wire and trim the leaves to make it complete.

Step 3: Main flower of paper Lisianthus

First, fold crepe paper and cut petal pattern with specific dimensions:1 1/2 inch*3 inch. Next you use color to paint each petal to get the natural color of the Lisianthus flower.

Next, Paste the successive petals similar to that in step 1 then wrap the petals into the floral wire.
Finally, make calyx and trunk to complete the main flower.

After having all the parts: buds, flowers and leaves. We glue them together with glue to complete the paper Lisianthus flower.

To follow more details to step by step to make paper Lisianthus flower. Please click and watch the video below. Hopefully, with the above easy instructions, you can complete a beautiful paper flower to decorate or make a gift for your friends or relatives. Let’s try it !!!!


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