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Paper Lotus Flowers: Symbolism, Practical Uses, Craft Tutorial

Let’s delve into the multifaceted world of paper lotus flowers. Uncover their rich symbolism, explore their practical applications, and master the art of crafting these exquisite blooms with our comprehensive guide.

Symbolism of paper lotus flowers

Paper lotus flowers carry profound symbolism across various cultures. These delicate creations often represent the following meanings:

Paper lotus flowers being a part of petals of peace

The Petals of Peace project, which started in Australia in 2003, aims to teach people of all ages how to make paper lotus flowers in places like schools, festivals, clubs, and even marketplaces. They taught children how to make paper lotus flowers with the goal is to understanding the project’s message: to become a better person by being truthful, kind, and patient. 

The lotus blossoms grow in murky sludge but reach for the sky. They demonstrate purity and enlightenment. Paper lotus flowers reflect the lotus’ ability to overcome difficulty and flourish in adverse settings. They represent resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

As a result, the paper lotus became part of the Petals of Peace. Making paper lotus flowers allows youngsters to have a lot of fun while also learning about the message that paper lotus flowers convey.


Meanings of paper lotus by colors

As the real flowers’ symbolism, paper lotus flowers are admired for their intricate beauty and graceful appearance.  They symbolize beauty, and elegance in art and nature. However, each color holds a different meaning compared to the others. Let’s explore with Camellia Bees now:

  • White

The white lotus paper flowers symbolize purity body and mind. They often represent spiritual enlightenment and the idea of rising above challenges and obstacles to attain spiritual clarity.

  • Pink

Pink paper lotus flowers convey a sense of heartfelt emotion and caring. They can be used to express love for someone or to signify a compassionate intention. 

However, each country’s perception of pink lotus flowers may differ. Pink lotus means a lot in Buddhism and many other Southeast countries. The pink flowers in India are often used as an example of divine beauty, blooming petals are considered an extension of the soul and a symbol of spiritual sublimation. In Japan and Vietnam, the pink lotus is a symbol of elegance, sophistication, and strong vitality amidst the suffering and chaos of society.

  • Yellow

Yellow is a color of brightness and clarity. Yellow paper lotus flowers link to enlightenment, wisdom, and the path to understanding the world and one’s consciousness

  • Blue

The blue lotus associates wisdom, spirit, and knowledge. In Buddhism, the blue lotus always connects with a partially open meaning. Additionally, people consider this flower to represent peace and to symbolize a country’s wealth. Furthermore, this green color recalls the wonderful equilibrium of humans and the environment, such as plants or clouds.

  • Purple

Purple paper lotus flowers reflect a deeper connection to the divine and the exploration of the spiritual realm. Purple paper lotus flowers are quite rare, they primarily signify self-awakening, as well as harmony and balance between different parts of ourselves. 

One can use these color associations creatively and symbolically in various settings. When choosing colors for paper lotus flowers, you need to consider the message you want to spread and the cultural or contextual significance of the color in your specific context.

Each color of paper lotus hold different meaning

Practical applications of paper lotus flowers

Paper lotus flowers are not only beautiful but also versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of practical applications. Here are some practical uses for paper lotus flowers:

Paper lotus flowers for decorating

Paper lotus flowers are exquisite and versatile decorations that can add a touch of elegance and beauty to various settings. Camellia Bees suggests some creative ways to use paper lotus flowers for decorating:

  • Table centerpiece: You can arrange pape lotus flowers in the center of dining tables for weddings, banquets, or special events. Mix and match the colors or stick to a single color scheme to create a striking focal point.
  • Floating decor: Float paper lotus flowers in a decorative bowl filled with water. This adds a serene and visually appealing touch to your living room, spa, or event decor. 
  • Wedding arch: The paper lotus flowers can be combined with other flowers or greenery for a stunning and memorable ceremony backdrop.
  • Themed parties: Incorporate paper lotus flowers into themed parties, such as Asian-themed events or Bohemian-style gatherings, to enhance the atmosphere and decor.

Paper lotus flower for gifting

Paper lotus makes lovely and thoughtful gifts for a variety of occasions. Here are some ideas for gifting paper lotus flowers:

  • Get well soon: The symbolism of paper lotus flowers is overcoming difficulties and shining even in bad situations. Giving the flower is suitable for someone who is feeling under the weather. The bright and cheerful colors can help lift their spirits. 
  • Anniversary presents: Celebrate a milestone anniversary with a paper lotus flower arrangement. You need to consider customizing the colors to represent the couple’s journey together. You can combine it with an anniversary handmade card to deliver your wishes 
  • Housewarming: Paper lotus flowers given to new homeowners represent a wish for a harmonious and prosperous life in their new space.
  • Mother’s Day: These paper flowers can be heartfelt gifts for parents, expressing love, gratitude, and appreciation for their nurturing role. Lotus paper blossoms covey love, respect, and recognition of the sacrifice and care provided by parents.
  • Birthday: Paper lotus flowers can also be given on a birthday due to their vibrant and customizable nature. You can select colors that resonate with the recipient’s preferences. Giving paper lotus on someone’s birthday can symbolize a wish for the recipient to continue growing and blossoming, much like the lotus that emerges from the mud to bloom.
Paper lotus flowers can be used in many occasions

Other functions of paper lotus flowers

Beyond their decorative and symbolic roles, paper lotus flowers have several other functions and uses due to their versatility and aesthetic appeal. Let’s discover other functions of paper lotus flowers:

  • Photo props: You can use oversized paper lotus as props in photoshoots, either for personal photography or as part of a themed event or wedding.
  • Educational tools: The paper lotus flowers DIY tutorial can be used to teach in school as well. Or they are used as teaching aids to explain concepts related to geometry, symmetry, and art.
  • Art and craft projects: Incorporate the flowers into a wide range of art and craft projects, such as collages, mixed media art, and sculpture.
  • Cultural celebration: Paper lotus flowers’ meanings vary differently across cultures, hence, they can be used to decorate cultural celebrations and ceremonies, where they may hold specific traditional significance.

These additional functions highlight the versatility of paper lotus flowers, making them suitable for a wide range of creative and practical applications in various settings and contexts. 

How to make paper lotus flowers from crepe paper

Creating paper lotus flowers can be a fun and creative craft project. Camellia Bees provides you with a tutorial on how to make paper lotus flowers from crepe paper

Otherwise, we also have many handmade tutorials for your inspiration. Let’s follow our Handmade Tutorial Video to discover more beautiful paper flowers. 

Crepe paper lotus flowers

All at once, Camellia Bees hopes you find this information useful. Just craft paper lotus flowers yourself!

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