Handmade Linen Cotton pink Rose – 2nd and 4th Year Wedding Gift



Linen rose in gift box would be very special gift for your partner, especially when you send it occasionally. It sounds really romantic if you subscribe us and send her once a month with this unique gift.

♥ Anniversary gifts for her or him: If you’re looking for a romantic gift for your 4 or 12 year wedding anniversary, a linen rose is a great choice.

♥ Linen gifts for anniversary:

✔ Traditional gifts for celebrating 4 years and 12 years of wedding are gifts from Linen fabric. And this is a rose made of deep red linen.

✔ This linen flower can bloom for years if well preserved. Each petal is cut with scissors, gluing layers of petals together by hand. Rose leaves are trimmed with scissors to attach 2 layers of flower leaves with glue. The flower is placed in kraft paper box, using hemp rope to fix the box and decorate. We limit the use of plastic for all Camellia Bees products during the packaging process to protect the environment.

✔ Because of the long branches, we adjusted the branches to match the length of the box. When you receive this gift, adjust the branches and leaves of the rose a little to make the roses look their best.

♥ Wedding gifts: Simulated as a real rose, a linen rose can be used as a wedding gift or a wedding party, making a beautiful bouquet for the hands if you put lots of flowers together. Wedding anniversary gift for her, him, anniversary gifts for couple or your friends. Great choice if you are looking for: 4th anniversary gift for husband, 4th anniversary gifts for wife, 4th anniversary gifts for couple, linen gifts for her, 12th anniversary gift for wife, 12th anniversary gift. 4 anniversary gifts for her, 4 year anniversary, 12 year anniversary. 4 years or 12 years of marriage are important milestones. Give your loved one small and romantic surprises from this beautiful rose. ♥ Camellia Bees Team: We always listen and constantly upgrade the products to make the handmade roses more and more sophisticated.

If you want to send your partner more than single gift box, you can leave your email, and contact us then we understand your wish.


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