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Touching From Heart To Soul With 7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Cherish the journey of love with soul-stirring 7th wedding anniversary gifts. From heartfelt keepsakes to meaningful gestures, celebrate seven years of togetherness with touching tokens of affection. Explore unique ideas that feel your heart and soul in unforgettable ways.

Background information of 7th wedding anniversary gifts

The traditional theme of the 7th wedding anniversary

The tradition of giving specific gifts for wedding anniversaries dates back to ancient times, with different materials symbolizing the various stages of a couple’s journey together. The theme of the 7th wedding anniversary gifts is copper. This material was chosen as they represent the qualities and characteristic that is desirable in a marriage after seven years together. 

Copper is a metal known for its malleability and high electrical and thermal conductivity. In the context of celebrating the 7th wedding anniversary, copper symbolizes the flexibility and adaptability needed in a successful marriage. Like copper, a strong marriage requires the ability to bend and adjust to changes and challenges without breaking.

Additionally, copper is associated with warmth, which further emphasizes the comfort and intimacy that come with being together for seven years. The theme of copper encourages couples to embrace the warmth of their love and continue to nurture their connection.

As with all traditional anniversary themes, the significance of copper serves as a symbolic reminder for couples to reflect on the growth of their relationship and to celebrate the milestones they have achieved together. It also provides inspiration for choosing meaningful gifts that embody the essence of copper’s qualities and its representation of love, flexibility, and warmth.


The anniversary flower of the 7th wedding anniversary: Freesia

Freesia is considered the 7th wedding anniversary flower due to its beautiful trumpet-shaped blooms and a captivating scent that fills the fair. Here are some reasons why Freesia is suitable for the 7th wedding anniversary:

  • Thoughtfulness and innocence: The elegance and charm of freesia remind us to cherish the sweet and tender moments in the relationship and to approach each other with kindness and gentleness.
  • Long-lasting love: Like the fragrance of freesia that lingers in the air, the flower symbolizes enduring love. It represents the hope and commitment to a love that will continue to blossom and flourish as the couple moves forward together.
  • Gratitude and appreciation: Freesia serves as a symbol of gratitude and appreciation for the love and companionship that partners have provided each other during the past seven years. It is a tribute to the joy and happiness they bring to one another’s lives.
  • Capture of memories: As couples celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary, freesia represents the beauty of memories they have created together. It encourages them to reflect on the journey they have shared and the joy of creating new memories in the years to come. 

When choosing 7th wedding anniversary gifts, freesia is one of the most suitable presents to celebrate seven years of marriage. We are sure to say that!


7th wedding anniversary gifts for husband

When it comes to selecting 7th wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse, you have plenty of choices. However, please take his preferences and interests into account. To follow the traditional theme of the 7th wedding anniversary, giving him copper-related items is an effective way to express your message to him.

  • You can consider giving him handmade copper items such as handcrafted copper roses, or copper jewelry such as a bracelet, ring, or necklace. Copper jewelry not only looks elegant but also has potential health benefits, as some believe that copper can alleviate joint pain and promote well-being. 
  • If your husband enjoys a good drink, consider copper barware items such as copper mugs for Moscow mules, copper cocktail shakers, and copper shot glasses. 
  • If he wears formal attire frequently, a pair of copper cufflinks can add a touch of sophistication to his outfit.
  • Copper keychains with initials or meaningful messages written on copper cards can be practical and sentimental 7th wedding anniversary gifts that he prefers.
7th wedding anniversary gifts for husband

7th wedding anniversary gifts for wife

When choosing 7th wedding anniversary gifts for your wife, consider gifts that are thoughtful, sentimental, and reflect the love and appreciation you have for her. Let’s discover some gift ideas to inspire you:

  • Almost women love flowers, so giving your wife a freesia flowers bouquet would make her happy right away. You can give her a fresh freesia bouquet, or you can even craft paper freesia for her. To some extent, handmade freesia flowers are a more meaningful gift for the 7th wedding anniversary than just buying a fresh bouquet. Making freesia flower not only show your love and sincerity but also your time and effort put into crafting them.  
  • One more handmade flower that you can give to your wife is copper flowers. Due to the traditional theme of 7th-year marriage, copper flowers can be a perfect gift for your wife. Just give her a copper rose!
  • Copper kitchenware: Upgrade her kitchen with copper cookware or utensils, such as a copper pot, pan, or a set of copper mugs for her favorite beverages.
7th wedding anniversary gifts for wife

Other 7th wedding anniversary gift ideas

We also suggest you some other gift ideas for celebrating the 7th wedding anniversary with your partner:

  • Arranging outdoor activities: On the 7th wedding anniversary, you can arrange for a weekend camping trip by picking a picturesque location to reconnect with nature, or even plan activities like fishing, and stargazing, then ensure comfort with cozy sleeping bags and a tent. 
  • Adventure experience: If both of you have an interest in experiencing new adventures, you can consider enjoying a hot air balloon ride, soaring high together for an unforgettable experience; or exploring nature, diving into thrilling water activities.
  • Memory Book or Scrapbook: When it comes to 7th wedding anniversary gifts for capturing memories, Camellia Bees highly recommend you to create a beautiful memory book or scrapbook filled with pictures, ticket stubs, and mementos from your journey together.

Camellia Bees hopes you find this information useful. Wish you a happy 7th wedding anniversary!

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Which are the best gift ideas for 2nd wedding anniversary

Happy 2nd wedding anniversary. Hope you two have had wonderful years together and this 2 years journey made your heartstrings stronger than ever. Celebrate Your Second Year Together with 2nd Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional, modern and symbolic of 2nd wedding anniversary gifts 

Below is a list of both traditional and modern gift materials, as well as classic flower and gemstone symbols, which mark a couple’s 2nd wedding anniversary in countries around the world.

Traditional Gift – UK Cotton
Traditional Gift – US Cotton
Traditional Gift – Spain Cotton
Traditional Gift – Germany Cotton
Traditional Gift – Russia Paper
Traditional Gift – France Cotton
Traditional Gift – Italy Leather
Flower Gift Lily of the Valley
Gemstone Gift Garnet
Modern Gift China

Basic information about 2nd wedding anniversary 

Congratulations on your 2nd wedding anniversary. In many countries (including the UK and US) the 2nd wedding anniversary is traditionally known as the Cotton Anniversary. So, how did cotton become the traditional second year anniversary gift? There’s a lot of symbolism at work here.


Cotton has long been held as the classical token for the second marital year as it is through to symbolize the intertwining of a couple’s lives and loves after two years marriage. The interwoven nature of the cotton fibers mirrors the intense strengthening of the couple’s relationship.

How to celebrate 2nd wedding anniversary 

With the theme “Cotton”, there are many ideas for you to celebrate your 2nd wedding anniversary. Below is some recommendation from Camellia Bees:

Attractive functional home furnishings for 2nd wedding anniversary 

Some stylish cotton bedding which matches their home décor or a pretty tablecloth for the dining room are just two perfect ideas to select from. Clothing is another good choice for a cotton gift, with shirts, blouses, handkerchiefs or even monogrammed fluffy bathrobes being perfect gift solutions. Decorations like cotton flowers or cotton picture frames are also a great idea.


A holiday together on 2nd wedding anniversay 

You can gift yourself and your spouse a pair of tourist tickets to spend a romantic vacation together, in a romantic setting, with a range of excursions and activities that match your shared interests and interests. Closer to home, a night at the theater, followed by a candlelit dinner near a river or lake, and a hearty wine dinner is also a good idea. And don’t forget to save photos of the two of you on 2nd wedding anniversary.

Gifts for 2nd wedding anniversary 

There are many gifts for parner on 2nd wedding anniversary. Depend on finance, meaning and interest, you can choose suitable gifts on this special accasion.

Cotton roses for romantic 2nd wedding anniversary

Women always love roses – the flower symbolizing love. With cotton theme, you can give her a rose made of cotton. Note that we will dry clean with these cotton flowers. (Because many of their parts are attached with glue)



Handmade card for meaningful 2nd wedding anniversary

Surprise your loved one with this uniquely designed 2nd wedding anniversary card. These are handmade cards and they are not exactly the same.



Jewellery for value 2nd wedding anniversary

The traditional 2nd wedding anniversary gemstone is Garnet

  • Earrings
  • Pendants
  • Rings
  • Necklace
  • Tie Pin
  • Cufflinks

Fresh flowers for formal 2nd wedding anniversary

The traditional 2nd wedding anniversary flower is Lily of the Valley. If she is a plant lover, you can give her a Lily of the Valley flower pot.

Hope that with some recommendation from Camellia Bees, you can choose the best gifts for your partner. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary.

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Wooden Rose – A Carved Masterpiece Of Everlasting Romance

Discover the charming allure of the wooden rose, a masterfully carved work of art that embodies everlasting romance. These handcrafted treasures bring warmth and beauty to any space, making them perfect gifts for loved ones or stunning decorative pieces for your home. Experience the timelessness and sophistication of wooden roses, where each unique creation tells a story of love and devotion.

What is the meaning of the wooden rose?

Wooden roses, just like their natural counterparts, carry a variety of messages and meanings. These handcrafted flowers are not only beautiful and long-lasting, but they also hold a more profound significance that makes them a popular choice for various occasions. Let’s delve into the various messages and meanings associated with carved wooden roses.

  • Eternal love: A common meaning associated with wooden roses is eternal love and commitment. The wooden rose will not wilt and die, it remains forever. It shows undying love, unwavering devotion, and the timeless beauty of human connections.
  • Preservation of memories: Wooden roses can hold sentimental value as keepsakes, symbolizing the preservation of memories and emotions associated with a particular moment, event, or relationship.
  • Resilience of love: The carved wooden roses represent the resilient nature of love, which, despite the passage of time and changing circumstances, remains steadfast and unwavering. 
  • Artistry and creativity: The intricate craftsmanship involved in creating wooden roses showcases the artistry and creativity of the maker. Gifting a wooden rose can be a way to appreciate and celebrate the artistic talents of a loved one or to encourage their creative pursuits.
Beautiful wooden rose from Camellia Bees

What are wooden rose usages?

 Wooden roses are versatile and charming alternatives to real flowers, offering a variety of uses and benefits. Here are some popular wooden rose usages:

  • Home decoration: Wooden roses can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space. They can be placed in vases, or on shelves, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to your home.
  • Wedding anniversary gifts: Wood is the traditional theme of the 5th wedding anniversary. Giving a wooden rose to your partner can be such a thoughtful gift as it symbolizes the eternal love and cherishes you want to show. You can personalize it with engravings or messages to add a special touch.
  • Floral arrangements: Wooden roses are often included in artificial floral arrangements. You can combine wooden roses with other artificial flowers, foliage, and decorative elements to create unique and long-lasting bouquets.

How can a wooden rose be skillfully crafted?

When it comes to creating a wooden rose, the first thing that needed to decide is the type and shape of the flower. Let’s discover some types of wooden roses and the craftmanship process of making such beautiful flowers.

Types of wooden roses

There are different types of wooden roses categorized by materials used, the techniques applied, and their intended purpose. Some common types of wooden roses are:

  • Solid wood rose: They are carved from a single piece of wood and may be made from various wood types such as basswood, balsa, or even hardwoods like mahogany or walnut.
  • Wood shaving roses:  These roses are made using thin wood shavings, which are carefully shaped and arranged to form petals and leaves. The shavings are often glued together and attached to a wooden or wire stem.
  • Plywood rose: Plywood, made by layering thin sheets of wood, can be cut and shaped into roses. The layers give the rose a unique appearance and provide added durability.
  • Scroll Saw Wooden Roses: These roses are created using a scroll saw, which allows for intricate and delicate cuts. The scroll saw allows you to create intricate patterns and details on the petals, resulting in beautiful and ornate wooden roses.

The craftmanship process of the wooden rose

Creating a wooden rose is quite hard. It requires some woodworking skills and tools. For your information, Camellia Bees provides you with a craftsmanship process for making a wooden rose: 

  • Step 1: Choosing materials: To make a wooden rose, choosing a suitable wood type is quite important because it will decide the types of rose you could make from. Next, some tools needed are a saw, a carving knife, chisels, gouges, files, sandpaper, a mallet, etc.
  • Step 2: Creating design: The artist sketches the wooden rose design, planning petal shapes, sizes, and arrangement, as well as any leaves or stems to be included.
  • Step 3: Carving: Using specialized tools like carving knives, chisels, and gouges, the artist carefully carves the petals, leaves, and stems from the wood, paying attention to detail and maintaining symmetry in the design.
  • Step 4: Sanding and smoothing: Once the basic shape is formed, the artist uses fine-grit sandpaper and smaller carving tools to refine the shape, smooth the surface, and add intricate details such as petal folds, veins on leaves, and other natural textures.
  • Step 5: Finishing touches: Assembly: If the rose is made in separate parts (e.g., petals, leaves, and stem), the artist carefully assembles these pieces into a complete rose using strong, non-visible adhesives. Then, the artist applies a wood sealer or primer to protect the wooden rose and prepare it for painting or staining.


Which occasion should we give the wooden rose?

Wooden roses are versatile and can be given on various occasions, there are some common situations in which we can give this masterpiece to:

Giving wooden rose on wedding anniversary

Wood is the traditional theme of the 5th wedding anniversary. Rose symbolizes romance and elegance. Therefore, giving a wooden rose to your partner is a good idea to show your love and appreciation to your partner. Moreover, it also symbolizes a long-lasting relationship, strength, durability, and growth of your love. 

The carved wooden rose makes your wife/husband feel special as it is carved 100% by skillful handcraft artists. It helps show your sincerity and you can become a thoughtful person with this meaningful gift.

You can give a wooden rose with other gift ideas such as photo frames of your journey together, jewelry, or any ideas that suit your spouse’s preferences and tastes.

Giving wooden roses at special parties/events

 The gorgeous wooden roses flowers carry different meanings and suits with many giving situations such as birthday parties, house warmings, graduation parties, farewell, retirement, etc

Sometimes, a wooden rose would be a wise choice instead of fresh flowers as it could remain longer and be more environmentally friendly. 

Moreover, the hand-carved wooden rose can be used to decorate the house as it creates a warmer atmosphere for your house and creates uniqueness.

Wooden roses can be given on many occasions

Where to buy beautiful wooden roses?

Wooden rose flowers are not easy to craft. It requires woodworking skills and tools. Therefore, we provide you with some places to buy beautiful hand-carved wooden roses: 

Buying wooden rose on E-commerce Platforms

You can buy the wooden rose flower on Amazon, Etsy, Social Media pages, eBay, Website, etc. Many shops offer various types of wooden roses crafted by different artists. 

Camellia Bees also offers beautiful hand-carved wooden roses made of solid wood. Amazon, Etsy, and Website all sell the product. We offer international shipping and quick delivery.

Ordering handcraft artists to make the wooden rose

If you have your wooden rose design or want to have a personalized one, you can contact artists directly and inquire about custom orders. This may require additional time and cost, but it is a great way to get a one-of-a-kind wooden rose that meets your requirements.

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Unlock The Best Handcrafted 8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

Find unique and heartfelt handcrafted 8th wedding anniversary gifts for him, including traditional and modern gifts to make your 8th wedding anniversary genuinely unforgettable.

The significance of traditional 8th wedding anniversary gifts for him

The 8th wedding anniversary gifts are traditionally associated with the gifts of bronze for him. Let’s dive into the symbolism of bronze in this celebration:

    • Strength of love: It is the fact that bronze is a strong and durable metal, symbolizing the strength of the marital bonds after eight years of marriage. Moreover, the bronze represents the resilience and steadfastness of the relationship.
    • Beauty and artistry: Bronze is often used in artistic creations and sculptures. It symbolizes the beauty and artistic expression found within a marriage, representing the shared experiences, emotions, and memories that make the relationship special.
    • Timelessness and longevity: Bronze has a long history and is known for its resistance to corrosion. It signifies the timeless nature of love and the lasting commitment in a marriage, as well as the hope for a future filled with lasting memories.


The significance of modern 8th wedding anniversary gifts

The modern 8th wedding anniversary gifts are items associated with lace or linen. Lace and linen on the 8th wedding anniversary hold some special meanings:

  • Elegance:  Lace is delicate and intricate, while linen is known for its refined texture. Both materials symbolize elegance and sophistication, reflecting the maturity and refined nature of a relationship after eight years of marriage.
  • Beauty in imperfections: Lace often features unique patterns and delicate details. It celebrates the beauty found in imperfections, reminding us that even with flaws, love, and relationships can be truly exquisite.
  • Flexibility: Both lace and linen are flexible materials that can adapt to various uses and situations. They symbolize the ability to adapt and grow together as a couple, embracing change and facing challenges hand in hand. The 8th wedding anniversary gifts.


Why are handcrafted ideas perfect for 8th wedding anniversary gifts?

Creating uniqueness for 8th wedding anniversary gifts

It is a fact that handmade gifts are very popular nowadays. Giving handcrafted presents show your partner the feeling of uniqueness. 

When giving 8th wedding anniversary gifts to him, you can choose handcrafted items to show your partner the feeling of being special. Since the presents are 100%  made by handcraft artists, each gift is a one-of-a-kind present in this world. 

Handcrafted gifts often offer customization options that allow you to tailor the gift to your husband’s preferences. From engraving his initials to selecting specific colors or materials, these customization options further enhance the uniqueness of the gift.

Using eco-friendly and sustainable materials for 8th wedding anniversary gifts

The 8th wedding anniversary gifts crafted by handcraft artists are such perfect gifts when it shows the commitment to environmental responsibility. Due to the reasons that the materials are not harmed to the environment as well as the making process. 

Handcrafted gifts often involve smaller-scale production methods that prioritize ethical practices. Artisans who work with eco-friendly materials tend to prioritize fair trade, and responsible production processes, ensuring that the gift is environmentally friendly and socially conscious.

As a result, those handmade ideas are ideal for the 8th wedding anniversary gifts for the husband. By that, you can demonstrate your commitment to environmental stewardship, support ethical production practice, embrace natural beauty, and add meaningful layers of symbolism to the gifts.

Generating emotional values for 8th wedding anniversary gifts

Handmade gifts not only bring uniqueness and a sense of being environmentally friendly, but they are also perfect ideas for 8th wedding anniversary gifts by bringing emotional value to them. 

The handcrafted presents show thoughtfulness and care as the gifts require time, effort, and personal attention to detail. Creating or selecting a handcrafted gift demonstrates that you have invested your emotions and sincerity into choosing a specialty for your spouse. 

Furthermore, the 8th wedding anniversary is a unique occasion that represents nearly a decade of you and him starting on a long journey together. Gifts for 8th wedding anniversary made of bronze, lace, and linen are typically handcrafted to express affection and a personal message to your mate. Handcrafted presents have distinct meanings that no other gift can match. 

Unique handcrafted 8th wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband

Traditional handcrafted ideas for 8th wedding anniversary gifts

Traditional handcrafted ideas for 8th wedding anniversary gifts, which incorporated the symbolism of bronze. Here are Camellia Bees’ s ideas:

  • Handmade bronze flower: You can give your husband a bronze flower on 8th-year anniversary. Roses are well-known as romantic flowers, handmade bronze roses can be a perfect choice as they show the uniqueness of handmade presents and the romantic love of roses.
  • Bronze sculpture: Commission a talented sculptor to create a custom bronze sculpture that represents a special moment or symbolizes your love and journey together. This can be a good 8th wedding anniversary gift idea you can choose for your husband. 
  • Bronze wall clock: Find a skilled artisan who creates handcrafted bronze wall clocks, and select a design that complements your husband’s taste and reflects the significance of the 8th anniversary.
  • Bronze pen set: Gift your husband a handcrafted bronze pen set, engraved with his name or a heartfelt message, making it a special keepsake for him to use.
8th wedding anniversary gifts with bronze

Modern handcrafted ideas for 8th wedding anniversary gifts

Modern handcrafted ideas for 8th wedding anniversary gifts, inspired by the modern theme of lace or linen. Some gift ideas are:

  • Handcrafted linen clothing: You can make it yourself or have a skilled tailor create a custom linen shirt, pants, or jacket for your husband. It would help show that you are a thoughtful wife. 
  • Handmade linen rose: A linen rose would be an excellent gift for your partner. Combining the linen flower with a handcrafted card on which you write your 8th wedding anniversary wishes or feelings. We’re sure that your hubby will feel as sweet as honey. 
  • Lace-edged handkerchief set: Gift your husband a set of handcrafted linen handkerchiefs with delicate lace edges, personalized with embroidered initials or a heartfelt message. They would be one-of-a-kind gifts that he really enjoys.
8th wedding anniversary gifts with lace and linen


All at once, Camellia Bees hopes you find suitable 8th wedding anniversary gifts. Wish you a memorable 8th wedding anniversary. 

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List of 5 Activities To Do For A Memorable 6th Wedding Anniversary

 On the 6th wedding anniversary, many activities occur to celebrate this milestone. In case you don’t know what you should do on this aniniversary to make your partner unforgettable, we are here to lend you a hand! Let’s discover 5 things to do in the 6th wedding anniversary celebration.

Meanings of 6th wedding anniversary

As couples reach their 6th wedding anniversary, they have undoubtedly grown stronger and more connected in their relationship. This milestone is a testament to the love, commitment, and resilience they have shown throughout the years. The 6th wedding anniversary holds special meanings and symbols that reflect the journey the couple has taken together and the path that lies ahead.

The traditional theme of 6th wedding anniversary

On a 6th marriage anniversary, the traditional gift is iron, which symbolizes strength, durability, and the ability to last through time. Just as iron is formed under extreme heat and pressure, a marriage of six years has experienced difficulties and emerged stronger.


The modern theme of 6th wedding anniversary


Wood is the modern gift for the 6th wedding anniversary, reflecting the couple’s growth, stability, and deep roots over the years.

Wood encourages the couple to be resilient in the face of adversity, to adjust to change, and to continue nourishing their relationship. It acts as a reminder of their commitment’s long-term and enduring character as they develop a life together that is strong, supportive, and capable of withstanding the test of time.


Sugar, associated with the 6th wedding anniversary, represents the sweetness and joy found in the journey of a couple’s marriage. It symbolizes the delightful moments, shared laughter, and happiness experienced together.

Just as sugar adds flavor and sweetness to life, the 6th anniversary serves as a reminder to savor the small pleasures, cherish the loving moments, and appreciate the sweet bond that has been cultivated over the six years of marriage.

5 things to do for a remarkable 6th wedding anniversary

Here are 5 activities that you can consider to make your 6th wedding anniversary a memorable moment.

Exchanging gifts for 6th wedding anniversary

Giving presents on 6th wedding anniversary become a traditional activity that almost couples can do on this day. Camellia Bees suggest you some gift idea that can surprise your partner. 

  • Iron gifts: You can consider giving your partner a handmade 6th wedding anniversary gift such as an iron rose, iron handmade card, iron sculpture, iron candle holder, handcrafted iron keychain, or iron-inspired home decor. 
  •  Wood gifts: Giving your partner a modern theme-wood gift for 6th wedding anniversary is also an interesting idea. It can be a wood photo cube, wood flower, customized photo frame, engraved wood coaster, wood handmade card, etc. 
  • Sugar-based gifts: Chocolate box, a box of candies or candy bars, bakery, and so forth. However, these gift ideas will not make him or her surprised enough, then you can make your present special by making it yourself,  adding personal wishes that you want to show your love and appreciation to your spouse. Or you can special dinner on your 6th wedding anniversary and surprise your husband/wife with the present as a dessert. 
Gifts ideas on 6th wedding anniversary

Sending love letter or notes on 6th wedding anniversary

You can surprise your partner with a love letter or notes on this celebration as well. Maybe you are sometimes shy when it comes to expressing your feeling for your love, but it is essential to say 6th wedding anniversary wishes  – a half more decade you two go together.  

Here are some tips for you to send a special letter: 

  • Write about your journey: Take some time to reflect on your journey as a couple over the past six years. Think about the memories you’ve shared, the challenges you’ve overcome, and the growth you’ve experienced together.
  • Share future dreams: On your 6th wedding anniversary, you can use this opportunity to discuss your hopes and dreams.  Talk about the adventures you want to embark on together, the goals you want to achieve as a couple, and the continued growth you aspire to experience. It will show your commitment and excitement for the journey ahead.
  • Choose the right delivery method: You can opt for traditional handmade cards and give them in person or surprise them with a series of notes every day. Or you can also consider using digital means. 

Camellia Bees also give you other ideas to write in a wedding anniversary card.

Writing love letter on 6th wedding anniversary

Having a photoshoot for 6th wedding anniversary

Having a photoshoot for your 6th wedding anniversary is a wonderful way to celebrate your love and capture beautiful memories. Organizing a wedding anniversary picture shoot is a lovely way to recapture the magic and create more memories of your married life together that you may cherish throughout time.

Camellia Bees suggests you some concepts and ideas for your photoshoot: 

  • Romantic weekend photos
  • Stay-at-home photo session
  • Garden, beach, forest, dessert
  • Rainy weather photos
  • Wedding day replay
  • Shared activities
Photoshoot on beach for 6th wedding anniversary

Organizing weekend getaway for 6th wedding anniversary

A weekend getaway for 6th wedding anniversary may be organized in various ways, but the most important thing is to create a possible experience for both of you and your significant other. We give you some tips to have a memorable weekend getaway experience:

  • Determine a suitable location:  There are many places for you to choose such as cabin retreats in the mountain, beachside hotels,  city escape, wine country tour, etc. 
  • Plan romantic activities: No matter where you choose, it is important that it can create a memorable atmosphere for you to recap your 6th wedding anniversary and share your love, and appreciation together. It can be a romantic candlelit dinner, a scenic hike, or exploring local attractions and landmarks.
  • Capture the memories: Don’t forget to capture the special moments of your anniversary weekend. Take plenty of photos together to create lasting memories

It is important to consider your and your partner’s preferences to choose a suitable place and arrange activities that align with your interests and allow you to create beautiful memories together.

Spending time relaxing together at 6th wedding anniversary

Everyone needs time to relax and heal their souls. Why don’t you combine time relaxing with your 6th wedding anniversary? It would be a wonderful way to celebrate your love and enjoy the moment. Here are some activities to help you have a relaxing time memorable:

  • Plan a spa day: Let’s treat yourselves to a day of pampering and relaxation at a spa. You can consider booking a couple’s massage, or enjoy a soak in a luxurious hot tub, and so on.
  • Having a picnic in nature: It is also a great way to relax and heal with nature.  Find a serene spot in a nearby park, garden, or beach, and pack a picnic basket with your favorite foods and drinks. Take the opportunity to reconnect, have meaningful conversations, and simply enjoy each other’s presence.
  • Unplug and disconnect: Dedicate a specific period of time to unplug from technology and create a digital-free zone. Turn off phones, laptops, and other devices and focus solely on being present with each other. Just only two of you would create a peaceful atmosphere to share your 6th wedding anniversary wishes with your spouse. What a wonderful experience!
Having a picnic for 6th wedding anniversary

All at once, Camellia Bees wish you a memorable 6th wedding anniversary. We hope our suggestions suit you best!


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Thoughtful Gift Ideas With Copper Flower For Your Wife

The copper flower is well known for its uniqueness, thus, giving a copper flower to your wife is such a suitable idea for some special occasion or just on ordinary days. This blog suggests more interesting gift ideas about copper gifts for your wife.

Why copper flower is a thoughtful gift for wives?

It can be seen that the copper flower is one of the various meaningful gifts when you choose to give to your wife on some special days. Let’s dig deeper into the symbolic meaning of the copper flower.

Copper flower links to the love and the ritual of marriage

The copper flower can indeed be linked to the love and ritual of marriage in several ways: 

  • Protection of the couple’s marriage: Copper flower helps strengthen the connection between you and your partner. Both people share common goals and are willing to do anything for each other as well as always be by his/her side in any situation. As the copper flower is not easy to corrode or fade away, your love can also last longer and grow stronger day by day. 
  • Linkage of rituals and traditions: Copper flowers associate with some traditional rituals such as weddings, meetings, or just other special occasions that you can give to your wife. 

Copper flower promotes good luck and brings new opportunities

Copper has been valued through the years. It is used for making accessories, especially jewelry as they believe that it would bring luck and new opportunities to them. Hence, the copper flower also represents positive meanings when you give to your woman. 

  • Positive energies: Copper flowers bring positive energies and vibrations which can manifest good luck and new opportunities.
  • Inspiration and creativity: Copper flowers, with their unique beauty and craftsmanship, can serve as a source of inspiration and creativity. The aesthetic appeal and artistic quality of copper flowers can uplift your wife’s spirits, encouraging her to explore new ideas, pursue her passions, and seize new opportunities. 
  • Mindset of optimism: When you want to do something, you must have the power of belief and intention. There is a universal truth that if you believe you can succeed, you will. By giving your wife a copper flower, you are creating an optimistic mindset and reaffirming her own goals for personal and professional success.

It’s important to note that the belief in the good luck and opportunities associated with copper flowers is subjective and varies among individuals. If your wife values copper flower, it can contribute to her overall sense of optimism, motivation, and openness to embracing new possibilities in life.

When should we give copper flowers to spouse?

You can give copper flowers to your wife whenever you want; if you give them on some special days, the present would be more meaningful for your wife. 

Giving copper flowers on specil occasions

Here are some suggested occasions when giving copper flowers to your spouse can be particularly meaningful:

  • Wedding anniversary: Copper is associated with the 7th wedding anniversary, making it an ideal time to present copper flowers to your wife. Especially, you can give her a copper rose as the rose is considered to be the most romantic flower. By that, you can express love and appreciation as well as the copper rose can symbolize the strength and beauty of your marriage over the years. 
  • Birthday: You can also surprise your woman with a copper flower on her birthday. Combining the flower with a birthday card or other presents is a great idea as well. It will be a unique and thoughtful gift that can show your love and the message behind what you want her to know.
  • Valentine’s Day: On Valentine’s Day, a copper flower might be a considerate alternative to fresh flowers. They signify your enduring love and devotion for your wife. You might gift her a pack of copper flowers with chocolate, which are sweeter. 
Beautiful copper flower rose

Giving copper flower on normal days

Sometimes, the most meaningful gifts are given spontaneously. Surprise your spouse with copper flowers on a regular day, simply to show how much you appreciate and love them. This unexpected gesture can make any day more special. We will suggest some ideas to make your wife surprised with your gift.

  • Surprise delivery: You can arrange for a surprise delivery of the copper flower to your wife’s workplace or even home. It could be accompanied by a heartfelt card expressing your love and admiration. The unexpected gift surely brightens her day and makes her feel special. 
  • Romantic dinner: plan a romantic dinner by creating a beautiful table setting at a restaurant or at home. Place a copper flower in the centerpiece or beside her plate as a decorative accent. It will add an elegant accent to the atmosphere and demonstrate your thoughtfulness.

A thing that you need to remember is that you should personalize the experience ad tailor it to your wife’s preference and her own interests. It would be a memorable and cherished gesture you can show her. 

What other gifts could be combined with the copper flower?

The copper flower has its own beauty and uniqueness; then, combining it with other gifts can create a well-rounded present for your wife. Here are some gift ideas that you can lean on.

Copper flower with love letter or handmade card

Alongside the copper flowers, include a love letter or a handmade card that helps you express your love easier even when you are shy or don’t know how to show it clearly through words. Camellia Bees also offers a variety of cards to assist you in conveying your message to your wife more effectively. 

Copper flower with handmade card

Copper flower with chocolate or sweets

Combining the beauty of copper rose with the sweetness of chocolates or her favorite foods for a stunning display could make her happier all day long. It can be a great idea for Valentine’s Day gift.

Copper flower with chocolate or sweets


Copper flower with handmade photo frame or album

Present the copper flowers with a photo frame or a personalized photo album containing treasured memories from your time spent together. This combination allows you to reflect on your past while enjoying the enduring love symbolized by the copper flowers.

Copper flower has special meanings itself. Giving a copper flower to your wife is such a thoughtful action that a husband can do to appreciate the love you give her. Moreover, the flower can be the centerpiece beside the added value of other gifts when corporate with each other. Through the copper flower, your wife will feel appreciated and loved, as well as understand your message behind.

Copper flower with handmade photo frame or album

Camellia Bees also provide tips for choosing handmade gifts for your interest. Hope you find this helpful information. 

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Top gifts for wife on the 5th wedding anniversary

The 5th wedding anniversary is a significant milestone in a couple’s journey together. It marks half a decade of love, commitment, and partnership, and is a time to reflect on the memories and experiences shared thus far.

Meaning of the 5th wedding anniversary

The 5th wedding anniversary is also known as the “wooden anniversary,” symbolizing the strength and durability of the relationship, much like the sturdy nature of wood.

This special occasion is celebrated differently across various countries and cultures, each with its unique customs and traditions. Let’s explore the meaning and significance of the 5th wedding anniversary in different parts of the world:

  • In the United States and the United Kingdom: the 5th wedding anniversary is traditionally associated with the gift of wood. Wood symbolizes strength, stability, and a solid foundation, reflecting the growth and deepening bond between the couple. Popular wooden gift ideas include personalized wooden plaques, engraved photo frames, and handcrafted wooden furniture.
  • In Germany: the 5th wedding anniversary is known as the “Hölzerne Hochzeit,” which translates to “Wooden Wedding.” Similar to the United States and the United Kingdom, wood is the traditional gift for this anniversary, symbolizing strength and durability. German couples often celebrate this milestone by planting a tree together, representing the growth of their relationship and their commitment to nurturing it for years to come.
  • In India: the 5th wedding anniversary is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. While there is no specific traditional gift associated with this anniversary, couples often exchange gifts made of silver, symbolizing purity and a strong connection. Family and friends come together to celebrate the couple’s journey, with elaborate feasts, music, and dancing.
  • In Japan: the 5th wedding anniversary is called “Gokon,” which means “five years.” While there is no specific traditional gift for this anniversary, Japanese couples often exchange gifts made of wood, symbolizing the strength and stability of their relationship.

The celebration is typically a quiet and intimate affair, with the couple spending quality time together and reflecting on their journey so far. Some couples may also choose to visit a shrine or temple to pray for continued happiness and prosperity in their marriage.

Gifts for wife on the 5th wedding anniversary

Traditional gifts for 5th wedding anniversary

Traditionally, wood is the gift of choice for the 5th wedding anniversary, representing the solid foundation the couple has built together. Wooden gifts can range from practical items such as furniture or cutting boards to more sentimental pieces like personalized photo frames or engraved keepsake boxes. Some couples may even choose to plant a tree together, symbolizing the growth and nurturing of their relationship.

Here are some beautiful and unique wooden gift ideas to express your love and appreciation for your wife on this special occasion.

  • Personalized wooden jewelry box: A beautifully crafted wooden jewelry box is not only a practical gift but also a sentimental one. Personalize it with her name or initials, and perhaps even a heartfelt message to remind her of your love every time she reaches for her favorite piece of jewelry.
  • Custom wooden photo frame: Capture a cherished memory from your five years together in a stunning wooden photo frame. Engrave it with your wedding date, a special quote, or a simple “I love you” to make it a truly one-of-a-kind keepsake.
  • Wooden wall art: Commission a custom piece of wooden wall art that represents your love story or a shared passion. This could be a carving of your initials intertwined, a representation of a favorite vacation spot, or even a beautiful wooden map of the city where you first met.
  • Hand-carved wooden sculpture: Surprise your wife with a unique and intricate hand-carved wooden sculpture that symbolizes your love and commitment. Choose a design that holds special meaning for both of you, such as intertwined hearts, lovebirds, or a representation of your family tree.
  • Wooden anniversary clock: A beautifully designed wooden clock is a timeless gift that will remind your wife of your love every time she checks the time. Opt for a classic mantel clock or a modern wall clock, and personalize it with an engraved message or your wedding date.
  • Wooden recipe box: If your wife loves to cook, a personalized wooden recipe box is a thoughtful and practical gift. Fill it with some of your favorite recipes you’ve enjoyed together over the years, and leave room for new culinary adventures in the future.
  • Wooden wine box: Celebrate your five-year milestone with a custom wooden wine box, perfect for storing a special bottle of wine or champagne. Engrave it with your names, wedding date, or a romantic quote, and toast to many more years of love and happiness.
  • Wooden card: This unique and charming card is the perfect way to commemorate the milestone of five years of marriage, symbolized by the traditional gift of wood. Our Wooden Wedding Anniversary Card is made from high-quality, sustainably sourced wood, ensuring a lasting keepsake that can be treasured for years to come. As you celebrate your Wooden Wedding Anniversary, let this exquisite card serve as a reminder of the strong foundation you’ve built together and the many more years of love and happiness that lie ahead.

Modern gifts for 5th wedding anniversary

With the full life, people tend to give gifts which bring both mental and spiritual value for their partner. To make this occasion even more special, consider giving your wife a modern gift that she’ll cherish for years to come. Here are some contemporary gift ideas for your 5th wedding anniversary:


  • Personalized jewelry: A custom piece of jewelry is a timeless and elegant gift that your wife will treasure. Consider a necklace with her initials, a bracelet with a meaningful charm, or a ring with both of your birthstones. Personalized jewelry is a beautiful way to celebrate your love and commitment to each other.
  • A romantic getaway: Whisk your wife away for a weekend of relaxation and romance. Choose a destination that holds special meaning for both of you, or explore a new place together. Whether it’s a cozy bed and breakfast in the countryside, a luxurious spa retreat, or a city break filled with culture and fine dining, a romantic getaway is a perfect way to reconnect and create lasting memories.
  • Customized home décor: Celebrate your 5th anniversary by adding a personal touch to your home. Consider a custom piece of artwork that represents your love story, a personalized throw blanket with your wedding date, or a set of engraved wine glasses for those special nights in. Customized home décor not only makes for a thoughtful gift but also serves as a daily reminder of your love and commitment.
  • A subscription box: Surprise your wife with a monthly subscription box tailored to her interests and hobbies. From beauty products and gourmet food to books and fitness gear, there’s a subscription box for everyone. This gift keeps on giving throughout the year and shows your wife that you truly know and appreciate her passions and preferences. Plus, it’s a fun and exciting way for her to discover new products and experiences each month.
  • A heartfelt love letter: In today’s digital age, a handwritten love letter can be a rare and cherished gift. Take the time to put pen to paper and express your deepest feelings, recounting special memories and highlighting the reasons why you fell in love. This sentimental gesture will surely touch your wife’s heart and become a keepsake she’ll treasure for years to come.
  • A surprise date night: Plan a surprise date night to celebrate your 5th anniversary. It could be a romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant, a night at the theater, or a fun cooking class you can enjoy together. The key is to make it a memorable and special experience that reflects your love and appreciation for one another.
  • A photo album or scrapbook: Compile your favorite memories from the past five years into a beautiful photo album or scrapbook. Include pictures from your wedding day, vacations, and everyday moments that have brought you joy. You can also add mementos like ticket stubs, postcards, and love notes to make it even more personal. This thoughtful gift will allow you both to reminisce and appreciate the journey you’ve shared so far.
  • Wooden flower: A wooden flower is a fitting tribute to this special occasion, embodying the beauty and resilience of a love that has flourished over the years. Handcrafted from natural wood, each petal is carefully shaped and arranged to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece of art. The wooden flower serves as a lasting reminder of the love that has been nurtured and the commitment that remains of the love that has been nurtured and the commitment that remains unwavering.

Camellia Bees hopes with some recommendations, you can choose the suitable gifts for your partner. Happy 5th wedding annivesary!

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Top 5 crystal anniversary ideas 2023

The crystal anniversary, which marks the 15th year of marriage, is a significant milestone that deserves extra attention. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for how to make your crystal anniversary memorable, don’t worry! Here are some creative and thoughtful ways to celebrate this important occasion.

Meaning of crystal anniversary

The 15th anniversary is a significant milestone in any couple’s life. It marks the completion of 15 wedding years of togetherness, love, and commitment. This occasion calls for a special celebration and an equally special gift.

Crystal anniversary is a symbol of the strong relationship

A traditional 15th-anniversary gift is a crystal, which symbolizes the clarity and transparency of your relationship.

  • Crystal is known for its elegance, beauty, and durability.
  • Crystal is strong yet delicate, just like a long-lasting marriage.

Its clear surface reflects light, representing the hope and optimism that comes with a successful partnership. That’s reason why a couple married 15 years is said as crystal anniversary.

Crystal anniversary connects among members

It is a timeless material that can be passed down as a family heirloom from generation to generation.
Crystal gifts are perfect for couples who appreciate the fine craftsmanship and value tradition. Moreover, crystal has healing properties that promote emotional well-being and harmony.
It can help you connect with your inner self and bring balance to your life.
Therefore, giving a crystal gift on your 15th anniversary not only celebrates your love but also enhances your spiritual connection.

Crystal anniversary shows personalization in each gift

Crystal can be engraved or personalized, making it a unique and thoughtful gift for your spouse. When choosing a crystal gift, think about what will be meaningful to your partner. Crystal is a symbol of the strength and delicacy of a long-lasting marriage. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects the love and appreciation you feel towards your significant other. Crystal gifts can be engraved or personalized, making them unique and thoughtful.

Crystal anniversary ideas

For the 15th anniversary, crystal is the traditional gift, but there are other options.
The couple should focus on finding something that has sentimental value to both of them.
It could be a piece of jewelry, a framed photo of their wedding day, or a custom-made item that reflects their shared interests.

Personalized gifts for crystal anniversary

Personalized gifts are a great way to show love and appreciation.

  • A custom-made item: such as a piece of art or a photo album, can be a meaningful and unique gift. It can also be a great way to celebrate the couple’s journey together.
  • Gift basket: Another option is to create a personalized gift basket. The basket can include items that the couple enjoys, such as their favorite snacks, wine, or books.
  • Game: It can also include items that reflect their shared interests, such as a board game or a puzzle.
  • Handmade card: Crystal card is a special and meaningful gift for a crystal anniversary. The handmade card is skillfully made to every detail.


Thereby, you can give your loved ones a message and congratulations on the couple’s 15th wedding anniversary. You can do it by yourself or buy it in a handmade store. The  crystal card from Camellia Bee is attached with sparkling crystals with a striking heart shape in the middle. This is truly a gift suitable for anyone, of any age.

Experience gifts for the crystal anniversary

Experiences can be a great way to celebrate an anniversary.

  • A trip: The couple can plan a trip together, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a longer vacation.
    They can also plan a special date night, such as a fancy dinner or a concert.
  • Couple activities: Another option is to plan an activity that the couple has always wanted to do together.

This could be something adventurous, such as skydiving or bungee jumping, or something more low-key, such as a cooking class or a wine tasting.

Meaningful gifts for the crystal anniversary

For couples who prefer to give back, a charitable donation can be a meaningful gift.

  • Donation: The couple can choose a charity that is important to them and make a donation in each other’s name. This can be a great way to celebrate their love while also making a positive impact on the world.
  • Volunteer: Another option is to volunteer together. The couple can choose a cause that they are both passionate about and spend the day volunteering together.


This can be a great way to strengthen their bond while also giving back to the community.

Surprise gifts for the crystal anniversary

Surprise your spouse with a special date night that you’ve planned out yourself.

  • Choose an indoor activity that they enjoy or one that you know they’ve been wanting to try. It could be as simple as dinner at their favorite restaurant or at your home. The key is to make it thoughtful and memorable.
  • Choosing the outdoor ctivity: When choosing the activity, consider your spouse’s interests and hobbies.
    – If they love the outdoors, plan a picnic or a hike.
    – If they enjoy music, surprise them with tickets to a concert.
    – If they’ve been wanting to try something new, like a cooking class or a wine tasting, make that the focus of the date night.
  • Another option is to recreate a special memory the two of you share. Maybe it’s revisiting the place where you had your first date or recreating a meal from a memorable vacation.


Emotional gifts for the crystal anniversary

If the couple enjoys cooking, taking a cooking class together can be a fun and unique way to celebrate their crystal anniversary. They can look for classes that specialize in a type of cuisine they both love or try something new and adventurous. Not only will they learn new skills, but they’ll also have the opportunity to bond over their shared love of food.

  • Specialize in a type of cuisine:
    The couple can choose a cooking class that specializes in a type of cuisine they both enjoy. This will allow them to learn new techniques and recipes that they can use to cook together at home. They can also use this opportunity to try new ingredients and flavors that they may not have tried before.
  • Try something new and adventurous:
    If the couple is feeling adventurous, they can try a cooking class that focuses on a type of cuisine they have never tried before. This will allow them to expand their culinary horizons and try new flavors and ingredients. They may even discover a new favorite dish that they can add to their regular rotation.
  • Bond over a shared love of food
    Regardless of the type of cooking class they choose, the couple will have the opportunity to bond over their shared love of food. They can work together to create a delicious meal and then enjoy it together. This can be a great way to strengthen their relationship and create lasting memories.


These top 5 crystal anniversary gift ideas for 2023 are sure to make your spouse feel loved and appreciated on your special day.

Notices for choosing crystal anniversary gifts

When it comes to choosing a crystal anniversary gift, the options can seem overwhelming. There are so many beautiful and unique pieces available that it can be difficult to know where to start. However, with a little bit of guidance, selecting the perfect crystal anniversary gift can be an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Crystal anniversary gifts should follow the receiver’s interest

When choosing a crystal anniversary gift, it’s important to consider your partner’s interests.
If they love entertaining guests, a set of crystal wine glasses or decanter would make a great addition to their collection.
For those who are into home decor, a crystal vase or figurine would be a thoughtful gift.
By considering their hobbies and passions, you’ll show them how much you care about their individuality.

Crystal anniversary gifts should be personalized touch

Adding a personalized touch to the gift can make it even more special.

  • Consider getting the crystal item engraved with their name
  • Or sending them with a special message.
    This will show them that you put thought and effort into the gift, making it a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Consider the occasion for the crystal anniversary

Another factor to consider is the occasion. Is it a milestone anniversary, such as the 15th, 25th or 50th?

  • If so, a more extravagant crystal gift, such as a chandelier or crystal sculpture, may be appropriate.
  • For a smaller anniversary, a simpler gift like a crystal paperweight or picture frame may be more suitable.

Choose their favorite color for the crystal anniversary

Crystal comes in various colors, so pick one that your spouse loves.

  • If they have a favorite color, choose a crystal gift in that shade.
  • Choosing a crystal gift in your spouse’s favorite color shows that you pay attention to their preferences and care about their likes and dislikes.

Hope that with some recommendations from Camellia Bees, you can choose the most suitable crystal anniversary gift for your partner.

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Unique handmade cards from Camellia Bees

Surely each of us is no longer too familiar with cards. On important occasions such as holidays, and anniversaries, … the card is like a meaningful gift for everyone around. In addition to the cards that are available for sale in stores, handmade cards are still loved by many people because of their meanings.

What are handmade cards ?

Handmade cards are the result of hard work, meticulous hands and unique ideas to turn raw materials into wonderful work. Each card is almost unique, bringing its own characteristics to each individual or creator.

  • Material: To make a handmade card, the materials used for each product are quite diverse. Including paper, leather, wood, … or even artisans can combine many materials to create novelty.
  • Shape: Each card has a certain shape, different size depending on the user’s purpose. However, the most popular shapes of cards are squares and rectangles because of the convenience in decorating and writing content. There are also many different shapes on the market such as: hearts for couples, funny animals for babies, etc.


What are handmade cards meaning?

Handmade cards show your feelings: Instead of words to say, writing in the card will be the place to express your feelings to the other party. Especially, if you are an introvert who rarely shows emotions, this is the best way for the recipient to show your feelings. Surely they will be very happy and welcome it.
Handmade cards send the wishes: This meaning is not too strange. On special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, … lovely gifts are always accompanied by cards and good wishes to the recipient.
Handmade cards represent respect for a partner and the memories: In important occasions or at milestones in life, cards also play an important role. The card with sincere messages from the heart will show your respect for the other person as well as the etching of memorable memories in life.
Handmade cards are the same as thankful: When you receive a gift or help from someone else, thank you is definitely indispensable. Instead of direct thank you or text messages over the phone, a handmade card also expresses deep gratitude for the other party.

Types of handmade cards

Handmade cards for New Year Eve

Handmade cards for New Year are one of the indispensable meaningful gifts in every spring. Unlike material luxury items, these cards are simple gifts but contain many deep meanings. It is goodbye to the old year, greeting and hope in a peaceful new year. A New Year’s card with colorful cheerful colors and the symbol of Spring also brings a lot of excitement and joy to the recipient.

Handmade cards for wedding anniversary

Celebrating the wedding day every year will have different impressions and feelings. According to the Western concept, from the 1st to the 60th year, there are representative materials and associated with their own meanings. Therefore, the handmade wedding anniversary card can be decorated with the material of the year and with a sweet message.

Handmade cards for birthday

This is one of the most commonly used types. Every year on the birthday of your friends and relatives, you will use this card to congratulate them along with some gifts you choose to give them.
With the wish that the recipient of the card has more joy and meaning on the birthday. At the same time expressing the affection and importance of the relationship, giving birthday greeting cards is something that many people appreciate.

Handmade cards for new houses

Housewarming greeting cards with content wishing to share joy with friends and relatives when you build a new house. This is a wish for a full life, wishing to have a joyful presence on the housewarming day.

Handmade cards for special days, such as teacher’s day, mother’s day, father’s day

They are all anniversaries that come only once a year. This is also an opportunity for students to show their love for their teachers. It is a place to express the love of children for their mothers or the feelings of men for women. Therefore, congratulations on the anniversary are very diverse and have many designs, many choices with many different forms of card decoration.
Notes for making and buying handmade cards:

  • Material: Card material is very important when buying a card to give to the person you love. Good card material, made from high-quality materials, will confirm the value of the card as well as increase the elegance, expressing all your feelings for the recipient. In addition, environmentally friendly materials are also worth considering. Besides, a good material will make it more convenient for you to write inside so as not to spill or print ink outside.
  • Shade: There is a variety of sizes for you to choose from. As a gift for your beloved half, you should choose handmade cards with a beautiful, eye-catching design that creates a highlight right from the first sight. Depending on the preferences of the recipient, you can create your own highlight with the unique embossed images in the card, creating a romantic, flying feeling. Do not choose cards that are too fancy or too colorful.
  • Suitable for gifts: The color tone of the card should match the gift wrapping paper. When choosing a card, you need to choose the right one for the gift box so that the two things don’t get lost. The color harmony between greeting cards and gifts is very important.

Some samples for handmade cards in Camellia Bees

In Camellia Bees, handmade cards for wedding anniversaries are decorated in different ways. Camellia Bees understands that each year is a symbol, so the handmade brings unique characteristics.


The 1st wedding anniversary handmade cards are decorated by paper


The 15th wedding anniversary handmade cards have aluminum heart


The 40th wedding anniversary handmade card

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Camellia Bees leads trend of handmade gifts in 2023

In the modern world, people are busy with their work, so the trend of handmade gifts is more popular. One of the Vietnam brands for handmade products are Camellia Bees. Our products focus on gifts for wedding anniversary in order to spread love to couples. 

Some basic information about the handmade gifts Camellia Bees

Camellia Bees is a creative studio located in Vietnam.Camellia Bees is a handmade creative studio. Ranging from handcrafted flowers, gifts to anniversary cards, we are independent artisans designing and handcrafting anniversary gifts for any of your celebration moments. Our belief in following the tradition is to convey the meaning of love and affection through diverse materials and symbols.

Slogan: Finding beauty in everything we do
Message: Spreading love and joy through romantic and meaningful handcrafts
Product: By pushing our boundaries toward creativity, we offer a substantial collection of handmade flowers and cards with a variety of materials.
Our philosophy: Asians’ traits of hard work and diligence make us put such a level of detail into every Camellia Bee’s product. We believe that it is the artisan’s mission to breathe life into the goods and give them meaning.

The outstanding of the handmade gifts in Camellia Bees

Why Camellia Bees become one of the choose of customers? This question is answered by the outstantding which are only in Camellia Bees.

  • 100% Vietnamese handmade with love: Camellia Bees products are 100% handmade by skilled artisans. The production process and product creation are very elaborate; billions are always spent to ensure the highest quality for users.
  • Women-owned business: Camellia Bees was born out of Camellia’s passion for crafts. She understands the joy and happiness of creating beautiful gifts with her own hands from simple items such as paper, etc. Since then, the young woman has established the Camellia Bees brand as a community for sharing small and beautiful gifts that are widely available to everyone.
  • World-wide shipping: Camellia Bees understands that not only in Vietnam but people everywhere in the world share the same passion for handmade goods. Therefore, Camellia Bees products support shipping to different countries around the world.
  • Commitment to the environment: Some fantasy materials will not be usable, but the creativity of people in the profession has grown to new heights. Most handmade products are very easy to decompose when they do not burn or emit less toxic substances into the human body. In addition, products made from wood, paper, and cardboard can decompose within 1-2 months.

Thus, handmade products from Camille Bees are not only beautiful and environmentally friendly but have also become an extremely “hot” trend currently in the domestic and foreign markets.

Main handmade gifts in Camellia Bees

Focusing on a group of married customers, Camellia Bees understands that each wedding anniversary is an important milestone in life. With this in mind, Camellia Bees has produced a complete collection of flowers and cards for all years, from year 1 to year 60.

Handmade flowers in Camellia Bees

Handmade flowers are one of the main products of Camellia bees that were first born. Roses represent the beauty of life and are a popular gift during special events. Coming to Camellia, you will have a multitude of options with different materials, from paper, fabric, and silk to leather and wood. Each type has its own beauty and attractiveness.


  • Handmade paper roses: This is the best-selling product at Camellia Bees. The roses are made from crepe paper in 10 different colors to give you the most suitable gift for the recipient.
  • Handmade leather roses: Roses made from leather bring elegance, courtesy but no less sophistication.
  • Handmade linen roses: This is an indispensable gift for your 4th and 12th wedding anniversaries.
    Explore Handmade Flower to see this diverse flower collection!

Handmade cards in Camellia Bees

Besides, Camellia Bees also has unique cards, one for each year of the wedding anniversary. Each year is represented by a different material, so each card will be decorated according to the unique nature of each year.


  • Card for 1st wedding anniversary: This paper card is decorated with the number 1 made of copper wire and a handmade mulberry paper heart.
  • Card for 5th wedding anniversary: Wood is the symbol of the 5th wedding anniversary, so a heart made of leather with a wooden button in the middle (coconut wood) is put into the card.
  • Card for the 10th wedding anniversary: The card is designed with an aluminum wire heart; the heart is attached to a leather cloth with thread. The leather cloth is then glued onto the card. All three qualities make this handmade greeting card beautiful, 3D, and unique.

Explore Handmade Cards to see a more diverse card collection!
It can be said that, with a deep mission and message, Camellia Bees hopes to help you send love through lovely and meaningful handmade gifts.


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Gifts for 4th wedding anniversary cannot skip

Are you confused about choosing gifts for 4th wedding anniversary? What is the most suitable for your wife/ husband? The 4-year marriage is a beautiful time to keep a lot of memories, so it deserves to be memorialized by special gifts. If you do not know the best gifts for the 4th year wedding anniversary, Camellia Bees will give some recommendations.

The meaning of gifts for 4th wedding anniversary

In each country, there are some differences in the symbols for the fourth wedding anniversary. Camellia Bees believes that this diversity surprises many people.

  • In the United States: fruit and flowers represent a couple‘s fourth wedding anniversary because it shows a good relationship, which is always sweet and full of bloom. Through a 4-year journey, love is built and nurtured to reap good results like ripening fruit and blooming flowers. The achievement deserves to be celebrated and respected.
  • In the UK: However, with this positive meaning, the UK people use linen or silk as a symbol of gifts for 4th wedding anniversary. According to the Bible, angels wear white linen, which is the purest and most lustrous. Therefore, linen represents purity, truth, and honesty in marriage. About silk, it is said that “it is as smooth as silk” which shows nice times in the way of love. Besides, it also represents the beautiful and valuable relationship between husband and wife.

On the other hand, topaz is a traditional stone that is quietly popular to commemorate the 4th wedding anniversary. It is considered a stone of peace and a gemstone.

List of gifts for 4th wedding anniversary

After understanding the symbols of the 4th wedding anniversary and its meaning, we hope that you have more choices for marking the milestone. Otherwise, you can be creative and mix our ideas to create a memorable day. Based on the favorite, finance, and message, each person has different gifts to memorize on this special day.

For many people, the meaning of gifts for the 4th wedding anniversary is more respected than their price. It means that the gift should be related to your love, a memory between both, or special events. However, some opinions are the opposite. Therefore, the best gifts for the 4th year wedding anniversary are suitable to the receiver’s favorite and bring sincere feelings from the sender.

The gifts for 4th wedding anniversary for romantic women

The romantic wife is always subtle and emotional, so gifts for the 4th wedding anniversary are also the same as her personality. They like and appreciate new emotions in the relationship between two people. The gifts which are sweet, platonic and pretty make your wife melt.


Flowers are the symbol of the 4th year wedding anniversary; that is why these are meaningful gifts for this milestone. Flowers are very diverse in terms of type, color, and material. For a traditional person, fresh flowers are suitable to present to your wife. The fresh flowers show sweet, intense and passionate love. Besides, a fresh flower gift is your message to your wife that she is the most beautiful flower in your life. On this special day, the red rose is the most popular as gifts for 4th wedding anniversary because it brings a message of deep romantic feelings. Based on your wife’s preference, you can choose a suitable one.
There are many meaningful flowers:

  • Tulip is deep love
  • Lilacs is for young and blossoming passion
  • Camellia is symbol of the gratefulness to your wife
  • Carnations represent distinction and fascination, and so on.


Flowers for romantic women

However, for a modern person who wants something creative and new, handmade flowers are your choice.
In Camellia Bees, a linen rose is a romantic and unique gift for your partner. Based on your favorite color, you can choose a graceful pink flower or a striking red one.
Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

A romantic dinner with candle

On the 4th year wedding anniversary, she is very happy if you spend time together. Factors that stimulate your emotions are atmosphere and environment. That is the reason why a romantic dinner can not lack candles and sparkling decorations.

  • If you can’t cook by yourself: You can choose a restaurant for the most careful preparation. Gifts for 4th wedding anniversary seem simple, it’ll be deep in your woman’s heart.
  • On the other hand, if you are good at cooking, prepare dinner by yourself. Buy her favorite food, good wine and even music to create a special evening. It is not too complex and intricate, just show your effort and your love to her. It is sure that she is emotional because of your honesty.
  • Or why don’t you cook dinner together. After a busy and hard-working day, the 4th wedding anniversary is an opportunity for you to review memories and share more.


Romantic dinner

A sweet picnic

One of the romantic gifts for 4th wedding anniversary is a sweet picnic. This gift requires careful preparation because you need to ensure that everything is ready for together time without any problems.
First of all, you should choose the place where she prefers, or mark your memories with her
Make sure that both of you are free for this day.
After that, don’t forget to prepare other appliances, such as food, tent, … for your picnic.
Finally, let’s go and enjoy gifts for 4th wedding anniversary.

The gifts for 4th wedding anniversary for housewife

Housewives usually spend most of their time at home taking care of the family. Therefore, for them the best gifts for 4th wedding anniversary are gifts which are good for their husband and children. For the women of the family, most of them will like highly functional gifts that can help them do housework conveniently and quickly.
According to some opinions, appliances are a modern gift for a 4th wedding anniversary. It is a really practical and durable gift for families. There are many choices for the appliances. To show your care to your family, you can notice what is broken or old in your home and replace it with a new one. New furniture will make housework faster and more convenient.
Delicious fruit arrangement
If you are a skillful husband, a delicious fruit arrangement is the best gift for 4th year wedding anniversary. We not only eat with our mouth but also enjoy with our eyes. Colorful fruits will be a rich source of materials for you to freely create artistic “masterpieces” as gifts for your wife. Purple blueberries create outstanding chains of red, yellow, and blue fruits. You can also decorate the fruit very gently with lovely butterflies for your date. The idea of creating a flower in the middle with an orange is also an option that you can choose when decorating a fruit platter for a romantic dinner.
Women always sacrifice and work hard to take care of their families. Therefore, their beauty has changed over the years. A cosmetic gift will be extremely meaningful for every woman. However, when choosing this gift, you can pay a little more attention to her familiar products, brands, ingredients, … to bring the best effect. Some types of cosmetics indispensable for women include: sunscreen, serum, moisturizer, lipstick, …
Watches are also pretty popular gifts for 4th wedding anniversary. This is not only a familiar jewelry for women, but above all, it has a deep meaning. Watches also have the meaning of time, showing appreciation for the moments together and hope for a better time in the future. Each watch has different designs and styles suitable for mixing with many outfits. Be a sophisticated husband to choose a watch for his beloved wife!
High heels
Christian Louboutin said that “high heels empower women in a way”. Therefore, high heels are also an extremely practical gift for a dear wife. Beautiful high heels bring charm, enchanting beauty and professionalism to a woman. The design of shoes can be luxurious, modern, personal, gentle. When choosing high heels, pay attention to the height and size of your wife’s shoes to choose the most suitable shoes.
The jewelry is very diversified in type, material, and price. If you are a psychological husband, you understand your wife’s preferences and choose one of these: rings, earrings, a necklace, and so on.
As we mentioned before, blue topaz represents the fourth wedding anniversary, so you can reserve unique jewelry with topaz stone. It is sure that she is very happy and thrilled. If you are a wife, you can give your husband a watch, bracelet or wallet. They bring youthfulness, modernity and have many designs and styles for you to easily choose a gift that suits your husband’s preferences. This gift contains elements that are both useful and practical.

The gifts for 4th wedding anniversary for sentimental women

Emotional women are often introverted people who cherish memories and emotional things. They appreciate your sincerity, your heart over material values. So gifts for 4th wedding anniversary may not be too expensive but must be close, unique and meaningful to the two of you.

Handmade card

The first idea that we want to recommend as gifts for 4th wedding anniversary are cards. I believe that the card is not too strange for each of us, but after making this item both familiar and strange, Camellia Bees’s card is the perfect choice.



Camellia Bees handmade card

Description: Prominent on the linen background is the embroidered image of the number 4 and colorful fruits. The card’s motifs are carefully and skillfully embroidered in order to ensure quality. After that, it is glued to the card for a striking decoration. “Happy anniversary” is on the outside as a Camellia BeesBees’s wish to couples, and you can write your message and love words to your partner.

Couple gift

Couple clothes are an indispensable thing for couples. This useful gift can be used every day, and is also a clever way to mark ownership. On the 4th year wedding anniversary, you can give your wife a couple gift, such as:

  • Double top
  • Double hat
  • Double phone case, etc.


Some couple gifts

To make it more special, you can put your picture or name on it, that’s it. A gift that doesn’t matter. These items are small, but are a useful way to help the couple’s feelings become closer and closer.

Secret box

This secret box will give your wife a great surprise by its speciality. Inside this box, you can put many different small gifts related to your memories and time spent together. This is a way to help the two of you review past memories and engrave them, keeping them forever.


Secret box

What to write for 4th year wedding anniversary

Although couples go through a four-year wedding process with a lot of stories and memories, the words of love on a meaningful day in married life are very important gifts for 4th wedding anniversary.


Some messages

  • 4 years—a period that is neither short nor long but enough for me to fully understand your love for me. Let’s hold hands and continue to write about the beautiful future, honey!
  • Happy Fourth Wedding Anniversary! 4 years—the long journey has difficulties, sadness, and happiness. But the happiest thing is that I have you.
  • I always said, “I love you”. It’s only a sentence of three words, but it has always been engraved in my heart for the past 4 years and will follow me forever in the next years.
  • Maybe I regretted the things I did before. But I certainly never regretted a thing. Something that 4 years and even years later, I still want to do and do again. That’s married to you! Congratulations on our 4th wedding anniversary.
  • Happy 4th wedding anniversary. Thank you for coming, loving me and choosing to stay with me. My family needs you, I need you, and our children need you too.
  • Thank you for being with me until now, and I hope that the road ahead is always with you. Happy 4th wedding anniversary.
  • Dear great love. We’ve been together for 4 years, which is also the 4th wedding anniversary. I believe that when we have each other, we will be happy. Up to now, I still believe it. Later and forever. Congratulations on our wedding anniversary.
  • My honey! Today is the 4th anniversary of our wedding. Congratulations to you, congratulations to both of us, and thank you for loving me and loving me so much.
  • After 4 years of marriage, I secretly thank God for giving me such a wonderful husband/ wife! Thank you for all these years by my side!
    You changed my whole life. I know that. But I promise that I will never change because I love you forever.

Above are some suggestions from Camellia Bees that we hope will help you. Remember that no matter what words you say or any gift you give, your sincere words and feelings from the heart are still the most precious. Happy 4th wedding anniversary to you.