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Camellia Bees leads trend of handmade gifts in 2023

In the modern world, people are busy with their work, so the trend of handmade gifts is more popular. One of the Vietnam brands for handmade products are Camellia Bees. Our products focus on gifts for wedding anniversary in order to spread love to couples. 

Some basic information about the handmade gifts Camellia Bees

Camellia Bees is a creative studio located in Vietnam.Camellia Bees is a handmade creative studio. Ranging from handcrafted flowers, gifts to anniversary cards, we are independent artisans designing and handcrafting anniversary gifts for any of your celebration moments. Our belief in following the tradition is to convey the meaning of love and affection through diverse materials and symbols.

Slogan: Finding beauty in everything we do
Message: Spreading love and joy through romantic and meaningful handcrafts
Product: By pushing our boundaries toward creativity, we offer a substantial collection of handmade flowers and cards with a variety of materials.
Our philosophy: Asians’ traits of hard work and diligence make us put such a level of detail into every Camellia Bee’s product. We believe that it is the artisan’s mission to breathe life into the goods and give them meaning.

The outstanding of the handmade gifts in Camellia Bees

Why Camellia Bees become one of the choose of customers? This question is answered by the outstantding which are only in Camellia Bees.

  • 100% Vietnamese handmade with love: Camellia Bees products are 100% handmade by skilled artisans. The production process and product creation are very elaborate; billions are always spent to ensure the highest quality for users.
  • Women-owned business: Camellia Bees was born out of Camellia’s passion for crafts. She understands the joy and happiness of creating beautiful gifts with her own hands from simple items such as paper, etc. Since then, the young woman has established the Camellia Bees brand as a community for sharing small and beautiful gifts that are widely available to everyone.
  • World-wide shipping: Camellia Bees understands that not only in Vietnam but people everywhere in the world share the same passion for handmade goods. Therefore, Camellia Bees products support shipping to different countries around the world.
  • Commitment to the environment: Some fantasy materials will not be usable, but the creativity of people in the profession has grown to new heights. Most handmade products are very easy to decompose when they do not burn or emit less toxic substances into the human body. In addition, products made from wood, paper, and cardboard can decompose within 1-2 months.

Thus, handmade products from Camille Bees are not only beautiful and environmentally friendly but have also become an extremely “hot” trend currently in the domestic and foreign markets.

Main handmade gifts in Camellia Bees

Focusing on a group of married customers, Camellia Bees understands that each wedding anniversary is an important milestone in life. With this in mind, Camellia Bees has produced a complete collection of flowers and cards for all years, from year 1 to year 60.

Handmade flowers in Camellia Bees

Handmade flowers are one of the main products of Camellia bees that were first born. Roses represent the beauty of life and are a popular gift during special events. Coming to Camellia, you will have a multitude of options with different materials, from paper, fabric, and silk to leather and wood. Each type has its own beauty and attractiveness.


  • Handmade paper roses: This is the best-selling product at Camellia Bees. The roses are made from crepe paper in 10 different colors to give you the most suitable gift for the recipient.
  • Handmade leather roses: Roses made from leather bring elegance, courtesy but no less sophistication.
  • Handmade linen roses: This is an indispensable gift for your 4th and 12th wedding anniversaries.
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Handmade cards in Camellia Bees

Besides, Camellia Bees also has unique cards, one for each year of the wedding anniversary. Each year is represented by a different material, so each card will be decorated according to the unique nature of each year.


  • Card for 1st wedding anniversary: This paper card is decorated with the number 1 made of copper wire and a handmade mulberry paper heart.
  • Card for 5th wedding anniversary: Wood is the symbol of the 5th wedding anniversary, so a heart made of leather with a wooden button in the middle (coconut wood) is put into the card.
  • Card for the 10th wedding anniversary: The card is designed with an aluminum wire heart; the heart is attached to a leather cloth with thread. The leather cloth is then glued onto the card. All three qualities make this handmade greeting card beautiful, 3D, and unique.

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It can be said that, with a deep mission and message, Camellia Bees hopes to help you send love through lovely and meaningful handmade gifts.