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Leather roses for the 3rd wedding anniversary

1. Meaning of leather roses on 3rd wedding anniversary

Types of handmad flowers are quite diversified, with different meaning. However, leather roses are one of the typical symbols for 3rd wedding anniversary.

1.1. Meaning of 3rd wedding anniversary

Traditionally, people remember only the long year wedding, such as the 5th, 10th, 15th. However, the 3rd wedding anniversary brings many deep meanings:

  • The 3rd wedding anniversary is a long time to remember the 3-year journey that both of you were accompanied with each other. This is time for reviewing memories and showing love to others. The 3-year journey is not too long but enough for the couple to understand, sympathize and walk together on the path of happiness.
  • To the 3rd wedding anniversary, married life is not only beautiful with a romantic story, but also there are some challenges. You face problems related to finance, children, … which affect your life. There will certainly be arguments, quarrels, anger, but most importantly, both of them try to come up with the right solution. Only big enough love can go through these difficulties. And that’s really respectable and worth marking life’s milestones.

1.2. Meaning of leather roses on the 3rd wedding anniversary

So why is leather a symbol of the 3rd wedding anniversary? This is definitely a question that many people ask. Traditionally, leather was an extremely strong material and was used as a protective material. Leather is as a reminder of what the couple has gone through to maintain lasting happiness to this day. Thus, the 3 years of the wedding day becomes the skin anniversary.
On this day, a leather rose is a meaningful and valuable gift to give to your other half. Leather history that your marriage has become a source of protection & security. While roses are symbolic for passion, true love, romance, desire & the ultimate ‘I Love You’ statement.
To make leather roses, Camellia Bees combines the flexibility and firmness of the skin and the brilliance and beauty of the flower. Therefore, it brings a deep meaning of the hope of a romantic, passionate and lasting love, sticking together forever in the future.

2. Characteristics of leather roses for 3rd wedding anniversary in Camellia Bees

At Camellia Bees, leather roses are meticulously and carefully made by skilled craftsmen, to produce the most perfect works.

  • Size: Overally, the flower’s height is 30 cm. Bloom is 6 cm high & 9 cm in diameter Thick wired stem is 24 cm in length
  • Material: Leather
  • Color: 5 colors including: red, pink, yellow, blue, burgundy.
  • Detail: The handmade, genuine leather roses are the ideal present for the third wedding anniversary. The most exquisite keepsake for your third wedding anniversary has been meticulously handcrafted using each flower, which has been delicately hand cut & assembled. The stunning green leaves that are linked to each bloom are essential for producing the perfect roses. As a result, the fire gains greater realism and character. Flowers for immediate delivery: Leather Rose Gift includes a Kraft Gift Box. This lovely small paper box demonstrates politeness, solemnity, the meaning of cherishing, and solemnity in addition to protecting the finest flowers.

3. Function of leather roses at Camellia Bees

This beautiful leather rose has been loved by many customers thanks to its diverse functions:

  • Be present on 3rd wedding anniversary: First of all, it must be mentioned as a gift for the wife on the 3rd wedding anniversary. As mentioned above, the skin is the symbol for this day, so a leather flower will be a special gift that will make the other person fall in love from the very first moment.
  • Be present for parents, friends on special days: Not only for the wife, leather roses are also suitable for giving to relatives and friends on special days such as Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any other holiday. This commemorative gift is both meaningful and can be kept for a long time, even several years if you know how to preserve it well.
  • Decorate house: Surely when it comes to home decoration, we immediately think of fresh flowers. However, leather flowers are also a new choice. The leather roses placed neatly in a vase in the room will definitely help adorn the room, creating a bright, joyful atmosphere that is equally luxurious.

It can be said that skin roses are not only beautiful, have a deep meaning, but also have many different applications in life.

4. Some impressive samples of leather roses at Camellia Bees.

In Camella Bees, there are many leather roses with different color for meeting customer’s need. Let’s discory some attractive samples of leather roses below:

  • The red leather roses express romantic, passionate and deep feelings
Red leather flower
  • The blue leather roses symbolizes mystery and originality
Blue leather flower
  • The yellow leather roses represents joy, cheerfulness, is a symbol of friendship
Yellow leather flower
  • The pink leather roses to express gratitude, congratulations to the recipient
Pink leather flower
  • The burgundy leather roses represent passionate and passionate love
Bungary leather flower

The leather roses are a pretty novel gift for anyone, on any special occasion, not just the 3rd wedding anniversary. Camellia Bees wishes you happy moments with your loved one!