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Unique handmade cards from Camellia Bees

Surely each of us is no longer too familiar with cards. On important occasions such as holidays, and anniversaries, … the card is like a meaningful gift for everyone around. In addition to the cards that are available for sale in stores, handmade cards are still loved by many people because of their meanings.

What are handmade cards ?

Handmade cards are the result of hard work, meticulous hands and unique ideas to turn raw materials into wonderful work. Each card is almost unique, bringing its own characteristics to each individual or creator.

  • Material: To make a handmade card, the materials used for each product are quite diverse. Including paper, leather, wood, … or even artisans can combine many materials to create novelty.
  • Shape: Each card has a certain shape, different size depending on the user’s purpose. However, the most popular shapes of cards are squares and rectangles because of the convenience in decorating and writing content. There are also many different shapes on the market such as: hearts for couples, funny animals for babies, etc.


What are handmade cards meaning?

Handmade cards show your feelings: Instead of words to say, writing in the card will be the place to express your feelings to the other party. Especially, if you are an introvert who rarely shows emotions, this is the best way for the recipient to show your feelings. Surely they will be very happy and welcome it.
Handmade cards send the wishes: This meaning is not too strange. On special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, … lovely gifts are always accompanied by cards and good wishes to the recipient.
Handmade cards represent respect for a partner and the memories: In important occasions or at milestones in life, cards also play an important role. The card with sincere messages from the heart will show your respect for the other person as well as the etching of memorable memories in life.
Handmade cards are the same as thankful: When you receive a gift or help from someone else, thank you is definitely indispensable. Instead of direct thank you or text messages over the phone, a handmade card also expresses deep gratitude for the other party.

Types of handmade cards

Handmade cards for New Year Eve

Handmade cards for New Year are one of the indispensable meaningful gifts in every spring. Unlike material luxury items, these cards are simple gifts but contain many deep meanings. It is goodbye to the old year, greeting and hope in a peaceful new year. A New Year’s card with colorful cheerful colors and the symbol of Spring also brings a lot of excitement and joy to the recipient.

Handmade cards for wedding anniversary

Celebrating the wedding day every year will have different impressions and feelings. According to the Western concept, from the 1st to the 60th year, there are representative materials and associated with their own meanings. Therefore, the handmade wedding anniversary card can be decorated with the material of the year and with a sweet message.

Handmade cards for birthday

This is one of the most commonly used types. Every year on the birthday of your friends and relatives, you will use this card to congratulate them along with some gifts you choose to give them.
With the wish that the recipient of the card has more joy and meaning on the birthday. At the same time expressing the affection and importance of the relationship, giving birthday greeting cards is something that many people appreciate.

Handmade cards for new houses

Housewarming greeting cards with content wishing to share joy with friends and relatives when you build a new house. This is a wish for a full life, wishing to have a joyful presence on the housewarming day.

Handmade cards for special days, such as teacher’s day, mother’s day, father’s day

They are all anniversaries that come only once a year. This is also an opportunity for students to show their love for their teachers. It is a place to express the love of children for their mothers or the feelings of men for women. Therefore, congratulations on the anniversary are very diverse and have many designs, many choices with many different forms of card decoration.
Notes for making and buying handmade cards:

  • Material: Card material is very important when buying a card to give to the person you love. Good card material, made from high-quality materials, will confirm the value of the card as well as increase the elegance, expressing all your feelings for the recipient. In addition, environmentally friendly materials are also worth considering. Besides, a good material will make it more convenient for you to write inside so as not to spill or print ink outside.
  • Shade: There is a variety of sizes for you to choose from. As a gift for your beloved half, you should choose handmade cards with a beautiful, eye-catching design that creates a highlight right from the first sight. Depending on the preferences of the recipient, you can create your own highlight with the unique embossed images in the card, creating a romantic, flying feeling. Do not choose cards that are too fancy or too colorful.
  • Suitable for gifts: The color tone of the card should match the gift wrapping paper. When choosing a card, you need to choose the right one for the gift box so that the two things don’t get lost. The color harmony between greeting cards and gifts is very important.

Some samples for handmade cards in Camellia Bees

In Camellia Bees, handmade cards for wedding anniversaries are decorated in different ways. Camellia Bees understands that each year is a symbol, so the handmade brings unique characteristics.


The 1st wedding anniversary handmade cards are decorated by paper


The 15th wedding anniversary handmade cards have aluminum heart


The 40th wedding anniversary handmade card

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Tips for choosing wedding anniversary card for husband

Your wedding anniversary is a special occasion that deserves a heartfelt and memorable card. Choosing the right card for your husband can be a bit overwhelming, but with these tips, you’ll be able to find the perfect one to express your love and appreciation.

Choosing wedding anniversary card for husband based on his personality

Keep your husband’s personality in mind when selecting a card. If he’s a romantic at heart, choose a card with a heartfelt message and elegant design. If he has a great sense of humor, opt for a funny card that will make him laugh.

Happy wedding anniversary card for husband

A humorous husband is a happy person and interested in bringing happiness for everyone. Therefore, why don’t you use his personality to apply this card.

This is a great way to show your husband that you still have a sense of humor after all these years.

Create a little game with a wedding anniversary card for husband

Creating a little card game with love-themed prompts and challenges is a fun and creative way to celebrate your wedding anniversary.
Write down different prompts and challenges on small cards and place them on the card. For example, write down your favorite memory of us or give me a kiss!
Whatever you choose, make sure the card reflects your love and appreciation for your husband.
Use your creativity and imagination to make a wedding anniversary card for husband that is truly special and unique.

Incorporate his favorite things on the wedding anniversary card for husband

Incorporating your husband’s favorite things into the design of the wedding anniversary card for husband is another great idea.

  • If he loves fishing, create a fishing-themed card with cute fishing-related stickers and a message like You hooked me from the start!
  • If he loves sports, create a card with his favorite team’s colors and a message like You’re my MVP!


Romantic wedding anniversary card for husband

Use a memorable photo on wedding anniversary card for husband

Choose a memorable photo of the two of you and use it as the cover of the wedding anniversary card for husband.
You can add decorative elements like heart-shaped stickers, glitter, or a romantic quote to make it more special.
If you have the skills, you can even draw a caricature of the two of you.

Experiment with textures and materials on wedding anniversary card for husband

Add a fabric heart patch or lace trim to the card to give it a unique texture.
You can also use natural elements like dried flowers or leaves for a rustic feel.
Get creative and experiment with different materials to make the wedding anniversary card for husband stand out.

Write love words on wedding anniversary card for husband

Write a heartfelt love letter to your husband and attach it to the wedding anniversary card for husband.
Highlight unforgettable moments in your marriage and express how much you love him.
This is a great way to show your husband how much he means to you.

Unique wedding anniversary card for husband

Wedding anniversaries are special occasions that deserve to be celebrated in a unique and memorable way. One way to make your anniversary extra special is by creating a personalized card for your husband. Here are some tips on how to make a wedding anniversary card for husband special.


Write a heartfelt message on wedding anniversary card for husband

The most important part of any wedding anniversary card for husband is the message you write inside.
Take the time to write a heartfelt message that expresses your love and appreciation for your husband.
Be specific about the things you love about him and the ways he has made your life better.

Choose a unique delivery method for wedding anniversary card for husband

Instead of just handing a wedding anniversary card for husband, consider a unique delivery method that will make the moment even more special.

  • Hide the card in an unexpected location, like his briefcase or morning coffee cup
  • Create a scavenger hunt with clues leading to the card’s final destination
  • Incorporate his favorite hobby or activity, like slipping the card into his golf bag or leaving it on a special hole on the golf course
  • Use a unique delivery method, like a singing telegram or personalized video message

Choose a meaningful message for wedding anniversary card for husband

When selecting a wedding anniversary card for husband, it’s important to choose a message that resonates with both of you. Think about the words that best express your feelings and the sentiments you want to convey. You can also personalize the message by adding your own special touch, such as a quote from a favorite song or a shared memory.

Quality matters for wedding anniversary card for husband

A well-crafted card made from high-quality materials will show your husband that you put thought and effort into choosing the perfect wedding anniversary card for husband. Look for cards with beautiful designs, textures, and finishes that will make a lasting impression.


Don’t forget the presentation for wedding anniversary card for husband

The way you present a wedding anniversary card for husband can make it even more special. Consider placing it in a beautiful envelope, attaching it to a thoughtful gift, or surprising him with the card in an unexpected way. This will add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation as he opens the card.

Take your time besides wedding anniversary card for husband

Don’t rush the process of choosing the perfect wedding anniversary card for husband. Give yourself plenty of time to browse through different options and find the one that truly speaks to your heart. Remember, this card is a symbol of your

Wishes on wedding anniversary card for husband

Even though the years have passed, the memories are still something that cannot be erased, the wedding anniversary is the day when couples appreciate and give love words to each other. Hope some recommendations from Camellia Bees can help you to write on wedding anniversary card for husband:


  • Congratulations on your n-year wedding anniversary, wish your family a lifetime of happiness together! I love you so much !
  • One never knows the future. But rest assured that you are always in front of me. Congratulations on our wedding anniversary!
  • Congratulations on our 5th wedding anniversary. He always proved to be strong, wanting to be a solid support for mother and daughter to feel secure. You know, I can do anything for you, for my children and for my family. But brother, when you are too tired, please allow me to be your shoulder. I want to share the burden with you, to hold your hand through the storms of life. Let’s always be together! I love you!
  • You changed my whole life. I know that. But I promise myself that I will never change. Because I love you forever.
  • So we have a year of marriage, right? A year with many ups and downs, joys and sorrows, anger in life. We will always be by your side until the end of your husband’s life
  • This day every year for me is a sweet gift. Thank you for always loving, sharing and accepting everything about me. Perhaps I am the happiest woman when I have you by my side. Love and cherish you so much.
  • I feel very lucky to have you as a solid support in my life. Just like any other normal family, we also have times of joy, love, anger or arguments. But beyond all challenges, we always hold hands through the storm. Thank you for coming to me. Love you!
  • Today is my love for 1 year, I hope I will have more anniversaries later. I hope you will always be patient, understanding and loving me. “Because for me, having you is a kind of happiness.” The last thing I want to say is I love you.
  • To the most amazing family man. You know, I can do anything for you, for my children, for my family. But bro, don’t try and work too hard. When you’re too tired, rest, I’m ready to be your shoulder. I want to share the burden with you, to hold your hand through the storms of life. I love you. Love my whole family.
  • This day every year for me is a sweet gift. Thank you for always loving, sharing and accepting everything about me. Perhaps I am the happiest woman when I have you by my side. Love and cherish you so much.



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The best ideas for 3rd wedding anniversary

Happy 3rd wedding anniversary. Hoping you two have a beautiful life and an endless love story. May you celebrate your love forever and ever. Celebrate your third year together with 3rd year anniversary gifts

Traditional, modern and symbolic for 3rd wedding anniversary

Below is a list of both traditional and modern gift materials, as well as classic flower and gemstone symbols, which mark a couple’s 3rd wedding anniversary in countries around the world.

Traditional Gift – UK Leather
Traditional Gift – US Leather
Traditional Gift – Spain Leather
Traditional Gift – Germany Leather
Traditional Gift – Russia Leather
Traditional Gift – France Wheat
Traditional Gift – Italy Leather
Flower Gift Fuchsia
Gemstone Gift Crystal and Jade
Modern Gift Crystal Glass

About 3rd year wedding anniversary

Congratulations on your 3rd wedding anniversary. In many countries (including the UK and US) the 3rd wedding anniversary is traditionally known as the Leather Anniversary. So, how did leather become the traditional third year anniversary gift? There’s a lot of symbolism at work here.


Leather is both flexible and durable, symbolizing that married life is still new, but has begun to become stronger. The couple learned and understood each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Adjust together to married life and strengthen the relationship between husband and wife.

3rd wedding anniversary gifts

There are many types of gifts for 3rd wedding anniversary. Camellia Bees gives you some recommendations for your choose:

Leather roses for 3rd wedding anniversary

Real leather roses would make a perfect 3rd wedding anniversary gift!

  • Material: Leather
  • Color: 6 colors

Beautiful single long stem rose with many real leather petals. Each petal is cut out and created by hand. Colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings. Each leather flower is housed in a gift box, making them the ideal gift for your loved ones on various anniversaries, birthdays and events.


Real leather rose is also a beautiful flower that can make the space around it more romantic. Get a small vase and display this flower. The flower branches are made of steel wire so you can adjust the length of the branches to suit the size of the vase.leather_flower

3rd year wedding anniversary cards

Surprise your loved one with this uniquely designed card. These are handmade cards and they are not exactly the same. This card has a rectangular pad and a heart-shaped leather pad both cut from genuine leather and attached to the card. This card you will keep for many years if you take good care of it.


Camellia Bees 3rd year wedding anniversary card can be bought right here. It’s totally handcrafted with love.

Fresh flowers for 3rd wedding anniversary gifts

The flowers associated with your 3rd wedding anniversary are fuchsia and the lily of the valley. The fuchsia represents humble love, good taste and confiding love, while the lily of the valley evokes happiness and mental power.


We, Camellia Bees hope you enjoy this informative content and will choose the right gifts for your 3rd year wedding anniversary.