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Gifts for 4th wedding anniversary cannot skip

Are you confused about choosing gifts for 4th wedding anniversary? What is the most suitable for your wife/ husband? The 4-year marriage is a beautiful time to keep a lot of memories, so it deserves to be memorialized by special gifts. If you do not know the best gifts for the 4th year wedding anniversary, Camellia Bees will give some recommendations.

The meaning of gifts for 4th wedding anniversary

In each country, there are some differences in the symbols for the fourth wedding anniversary. Camellia Bees believes that this diversity surprises many people.

  • In the United States: fruit and flowers represent a couple‘s fourth wedding anniversary because it shows a good relationship, which is always sweet and full of bloom. Through a 4-year journey, love is built and nurtured to reap good results like ripening fruit and blooming flowers. The achievement deserves to be celebrated and respected.
  • In the UK: However, with this positive meaning, the UK people use linen or silk as a symbol of gifts for 4th wedding anniversary. According to the Bible, angels wear white linen, which is the purest and most lustrous. Therefore, linen represents purity, truth, and honesty in marriage. About silk, it is said that “it is as smooth as silk” which shows nice times in the way of love. Besides, it also represents the beautiful and valuable relationship between husband and wife.

On the other hand, topaz is a traditional stone that is quietly popular to commemorate the 4th wedding anniversary. It is considered a stone of peace and a gemstone.

List of gifts for 4th wedding anniversary

After understanding the symbols of the 4th wedding anniversary and its meaning, we hope that you have more choices for marking the milestone. Otherwise, you can be creative and mix our ideas to create a memorable day. Based on the favorite, finance, and message, each person has different gifts to memorize on this special day.

For many people, the meaning of gifts for the 4th wedding anniversary is more respected than their price. It means that the gift should be related to your love, a memory between both, or special events. However, some opinions are the opposite. Therefore, the best gifts for the 4th year wedding anniversary are suitable to the receiver’s favorite and bring sincere feelings from the sender.

The gifts for 4th wedding anniversary for romantic women

The romantic wife is always subtle and emotional, so gifts for the 4th wedding anniversary are also the same as her personality. They like and appreciate new emotions in the relationship between two people. The gifts which are sweet, platonic and pretty make your wife melt.


Flowers are the symbol of the 4th year wedding anniversary; that is why these are meaningful gifts for this milestone. Flowers are very diverse in terms of type, color, and material. For a traditional person, fresh flowers are suitable to present to your wife. The fresh flowers show sweet, intense and passionate love. Besides, a fresh flower gift is your message to your wife that she is the most beautiful flower in your life. On this special day, the red rose is the most popular as gifts for 4th wedding anniversary because it brings a message of deep romantic feelings. Based on your wife’s preference, you can choose a suitable one.
There are many meaningful flowers:

  • Tulip is deep love
  • Lilacs is for young and blossoming passion
  • Camellia is symbol of the gratefulness to your wife
  • Carnations represent distinction and fascination, and so on.


Flowers for romantic women

However, for a modern person who wants something creative and new, handmade flowers are your choice.
In Camellia Bees, a linen rose is a romantic and unique gift for your partner. Based on your favorite color, you can choose a graceful pink flower or a striking red one.
Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

A romantic dinner with candle

On the 4th year wedding anniversary, she is very happy if you spend time together. Factors that stimulate your emotions are atmosphere and environment. That is the reason why a romantic dinner can not lack candles and sparkling decorations.

  • If you can’t cook by yourself: You can choose a restaurant for the most careful preparation. Gifts for 4th wedding anniversary seem simple, it’ll be deep in your woman’s heart.
  • On the other hand, if you are good at cooking, prepare dinner by yourself. Buy her favorite food, good wine and even music to create a special evening. It is not too complex and intricate, just show your effort and your love to her. It is sure that she is emotional because of your honesty.
  • Or why don’t you cook dinner together. After a busy and hard-working day, the 4th wedding anniversary is an opportunity for you to review memories and share more.


Romantic dinner

A sweet picnic

One of the romantic gifts for 4th wedding anniversary is a sweet picnic. This gift requires careful preparation because you need to ensure that everything is ready for together time without any problems.
First of all, you should choose the place where she prefers, or mark your memories with her
Make sure that both of you are free for this day.
After that, don’t forget to prepare other appliances, such as food, tent, … for your picnic.
Finally, let’s go and enjoy gifts for 4th wedding anniversary.

The gifts for 4th wedding anniversary for housewife

Housewives usually spend most of their time at home taking care of the family. Therefore, for them the best gifts for 4th wedding anniversary are gifts which are good for their husband and children. For the women of the family, most of them will like highly functional gifts that can help them do housework conveniently and quickly.
According to some opinions, appliances are a modern gift for a 4th wedding anniversary. It is a really practical and durable gift for families. There are many choices for the appliances. To show your care to your family, you can notice what is broken or old in your home and replace it with a new one. New furniture will make housework faster and more convenient.
Delicious fruit arrangement
If you are a skillful husband, a delicious fruit arrangement is the best gift for 4th year wedding anniversary. We not only eat with our mouth but also enjoy with our eyes. Colorful fruits will be a rich source of materials for you to freely create artistic “masterpieces” as gifts for your wife. Purple blueberries create outstanding chains of red, yellow, and blue fruits. You can also decorate the fruit very gently with lovely butterflies for your date. The idea of creating a flower in the middle with an orange is also an option that you can choose when decorating a fruit platter for a romantic dinner.
Women always sacrifice and work hard to take care of their families. Therefore, their beauty has changed over the years. A cosmetic gift will be extremely meaningful for every woman. However, when choosing this gift, you can pay a little more attention to her familiar products, brands, ingredients, … to bring the best effect. Some types of cosmetics indispensable for women include: sunscreen, serum, moisturizer, lipstick, …
Watches are also pretty popular gifts for 4th wedding anniversary. This is not only a familiar jewelry for women, but above all, it has a deep meaning. Watches also have the meaning of time, showing appreciation for the moments together and hope for a better time in the future. Each watch has different designs and styles suitable for mixing with many outfits. Be a sophisticated husband to choose a watch for his beloved wife!
High heels
Christian Louboutin said that “high heels empower women in a way”. Therefore, high heels are also an extremely practical gift for a dear wife. Beautiful high heels bring charm, enchanting beauty and professionalism to a woman. The design of shoes can be luxurious, modern, personal, gentle. When choosing high heels, pay attention to the height and size of your wife’s shoes to choose the most suitable shoes.
The jewelry is very diversified in type, material, and price. If you are a psychological husband, you understand your wife’s preferences and choose one of these: rings, earrings, a necklace, and so on.
As we mentioned before, blue topaz represents the fourth wedding anniversary, so you can reserve unique jewelry with topaz stone. It is sure that she is very happy and thrilled. If you are a wife, you can give your husband a watch, bracelet or wallet. They bring youthfulness, modernity and have many designs and styles for you to easily choose a gift that suits your husband’s preferences. This gift contains elements that are both useful and practical.

The gifts for 4th wedding anniversary for sentimental women

Emotional women are often introverted people who cherish memories and emotional things. They appreciate your sincerity, your heart over material values. So gifts for 4th wedding anniversary may not be too expensive but must be close, unique and meaningful to the two of you.

Handmade card

The first idea that we want to recommend as gifts for 4th wedding anniversary are cards. I believe that the card is not too strange for each of us, but after making this item both familiar and strange, Camellia Bees’s card is the perfect choice.



Camellia Bees handmade card

Description: Prominent on the linen background is the embroidered image of the number 4 and colorful fruits. The card’s motifs are carefully and skillfully embroidered in order to ensure quality. After that, it is glued to the card for a striking decoration. “Happy anniversary” is on the outside as a Camellia BeesBees’s wish to couples, and you can write your message and love words to your partner.

Couple gift

Couple clothes are an indispensable thing for couples. This useful gift can be used every day, and is also a clever way to mark ownership. On the 4th year wedding anniversary, you can give your wife a couple gift, such as:

  • Double top
  • Double hat
  • Double phone case, etc.


Some couple gifts

To make it more special, you can put your picture or name on it, that’s it. A gift that doesn’t matter. These items are small, but are a useful way to help the couple’s feelings become closer and closer.

Secret box

This secret box will give your wife a great surprise by its speciality. Inside this box, you can put many different small gifts related to your memories and time spent together. This is a way to help the two of you review past memories and engrave them, keeping them forever.


Secret box

What to write for 4th year wedding anniversary

Although couples go through a four-year wedding process with a lot of stories and memories, the words of love on a meaningful day in married life are very important gifts for 4th wedding anniversary.


Some messages

  • 4 years—a period that is neither short nor long but enough for me to fully understand your love for me. Let’s hold hands and continue to write about the beautiful future, honey!
  • Happy Fourth Wedding Anniversary! 4 years—the long journey has difficulties, sadness, and happiness. But the happiest thing is that I have you.
  • I always said, “I love you”. It’s only a sentence of three words, but it has always been engraved in my heart for the past 4 years and will follow me forever in the next years.
  • Maybe I regretted the things I did before. But I certainly never regretted a thing. Something that 4 years and even years later, I still want to do and do again. That’s married to you! Congratulations on our 4th wedding anniversary.
  • Happy 4th wedding anniversary. Thank you for coming, loving me and choosing to stay with me. My family needs you, I need you, and our children need you too.
  • Thank you for being with me until now, and I hope that the road ahead is always with you. Happy 4th wedding anniversary.
  • Dear great love. We’ve been together for 4 years, which is also the 4th wedding anniversary. I believe that when we have each other, we will be happy. Up to now, I still believe it. Later and forever. Congratulations on our wedding anniversary.
  • My honey! Today is the 4th anniversary of our wedding. Congratulations to you, congratulations to both of us, and thank you for loving me and loving me so much.
  • After 4 years of marriage, I secretly thank God for giving me such a wonderful husband/ wife! Thank you for all these years by my side!
    You changed my whole life. I know that. But I promise that I will never change because I love you forever.

Above are some suggestions from Camellia Bees that we hope will help you. Remember that no matter what words you say or any gift you give, your sincere words and feelings from the heart are still the most precious. Happy 4th wedding anniversary to you.