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Top 3 crepe paper leaves ideas for your beautiful flowers

Crepe paper leaves are one of the important parts of the perfect crepe paper flowers. Camellia Bees provides a step-by-step guide on making crepe paper leaves. With easy materials, you can create beautiful handmade crepe paper leaves.

Materials needed for making crepe paper leaves

There are some easy-to-find materials for crafting crepe paper leaves:

  • Crepe paper 140gsm or 180 gsm (Italian Crepe paper)
  • Floral wire 
  • Floral tape
  • Hot glue gun / white glue
  • Scissors

How to make long-shaped crepe paper leaves

We show you steps to make long thin crepe paper leaves. 

  • Step 1: Cut the crepe paper with a length of approximately 2.7 inches
  • Step 2: Fold the paper in accordion style, making each fold wide 0.7 inches. More folds mean more leaves. 
  • Step 3: Cut the leaves in long-shaped, then we have many leaves from that cut.


  • Step 4: Double the floral wire, then wrap the floral tape around the wire. Then stick the crepe paper leaves with the wire, then wrap and stick again and again till the length you want.   


  • Step 5: Form the leaves and you will have beautiful long-shaped crepe paper leaves.


How to make rounded-shaped crepe paper leaves

The second leaf idea that Camellia Bees wants to share is rounded-shaped crepe paper leaves. Here is how to make crepe paper leaves step by step:

  • Step 1: Cut a long strip of crepe paper with a width of around 2.5 inches.


  • Step 2: Fold the paper into small squares of approximately 2 inches on each side.


  • Step 3: Cut the crepe paper leaves into a rounded shape. You can draw the shape on cardstock or thick paper to make a sample, then cut the crepe paper followed by that template.


  • Step 4: Apply a thin line of white glue on a leaf, then press the wire gently into the glue and put another leaf on top in the exact position of the first leaf.  

  • Step 5: Wrap the tape around the wire then do the same for 4 more leaves.
  • Step 6: Combine all leaves into a long wire 


How to make rose-leaf shaped crepe paper leaves

  • Step 1: Cut the crepe paper into squares of approximately 1.5 inches.
  • Step 2: Cut each square into 2 rectangular


  • Step 3: Attach the crepe paper with a wire using a hot glue gun or white glue. Then cut the paper in a leaf shape


  • Step 4: Finish the crepe paper leaves by wap floral tape around the wire. 



Tips for making beautiful crepe paper leaves

To create beautiful crepe paper leaves, here are some tips for you to make it easier.

  • Choose high-quality crepe paper: Select crepe paper that is specifically designed for crafting and has a good stretch and texture. This will make it easier to shape and manipulate the paper to create lifelike leaves.
  • Add details with scissors or paint: Use small scissors to create tiny cuts and notches along the edges of the leaves to mimic the serrated edges often seen in real leaves. Alternatively, you can use acrylic paints or colored pencils to add veins or subtle shading to enhance the realism of your crepe paper leaves.
  • Choose a leaf template that suits the flower: You should choose the leaf shape and color that suit each type of flower. For example, carnation flowers coincide with long-shaped crepe paper leaves. 

Here are 3 easy-to-make crepe paper leaves ideas from Camellia Bees.  Hope you find these instructions useful. For more specifics, you can watch our tutorial video which is easier for you to follow.


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