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Unique handmade cards from Camellia Bees

Surely each of us is no longer too familiar with cards. On important occasions such as holidays, and anniversaries, … the card is like a meaningful gift for everyone around. In addition to the cards that are available for sale in stores, handmade cards are still loved by many people because of their meanings.

What are handmade cards ?

Handmade cards are the result of hard work, meticulous hands and unique ideas to turn raw materials into wonderful work. Each card is almost unique, bringing its own characteristics to each individual or creator.

  • Material: To make a handmade card, the materials used for each product are quite diverse. Including paper, leather, wood, … or even artisans can combine many materials to create novelty.
  • Shape: Each card has a certain shape, different size depending on the user’s purpose. However, the most popular shapes of cards are squares and rectangles because of the convenience in decorating and writing content. There are also many different shapes on the market such as: hearts for couples, funny animals for babies, etc.


What are handmade cards meaning?

Handmade cards show your feelings: Instead of words to say, writing in the card will be the place to express your feelings to the other party. Especially, if you are an introvert who rarely shows emotions, this is the best way for the recipient to show your feelings. Surely they will be very happy and welcome it.
Handmade cards send the wishes: This meaning is not too strange. On special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, … lovely gifts are always accompanied by cards and good wishes to the recipient.
Handmade cards represent respect for a partner and the memories: In important occasions or at milestones in life, cards also play an important role. The card with sincere messages from the heart will show your respect for the other person as well as the etching of memorable memories in life.
Handmade cards are the same as thankful: When you receive a gift or help from someone else, thank you is definitely indispensable. Instead of direct thank you or text messages over the phone, a handmade card also expresses deep gratitude for the other party.

Types of handmade cards

Handmade cards for New Year Eve

Handmade cards for New Year are one of the indispensable meaningful gifts in every spring. Unlike material luxury items, these cards are simple gifts but contain many deep meanings. It is goodbye to the old year, greeting and hope in a peaceful new year. A New Year’s card with colorful cheerful colors and the symbol of Spring also brings a lot of excitement and joy to the recipient.

Handmade cards for wedding anniversary

Celebrating the wedding day every year will have different impressions and feelings. According to the Western concept, from the 1st to the 60th year, there are representative materials and associated with their own meanings. Therefore, the handmade wedding anniversary card can be decorated with the material of the year and with a sweet message.

Handmade cards for birthday

This is one of the most commonly used types. Every year on the birthday of your friends and relatives, you will use this card to congratulate them along with some gifts you choose to give them.
With the wish that the recipient of the card has more joy and meaning on the birthday. At the same time expressing the affection and importance of the relationship, giving birthday greeting cards is something that many people appreciate.

Handmade cards for new houses

Housewarming greeting cards with content wishing to share joy with friends and relatives when you build a new house. This is a wish for a full life, wishing to have a joyful presence on the housewarming day.

Handmade cards for special days, such as teacher’s day, mother’s day, father’s day

They are all anniversaries that come only once a year. This is also an opportunity for students to show their love for their teachers. It is a place to express the love of children for their mothers or the feelings of men for women. Therefore, congratulations on the anniversary are very diverse and have many designs, many choices with many different forms of card decoration.
Notes for making and buying handmade cards:

  • Material: Card material is very important when buying a card to give to the person you love. Good card material, made from high-quality materials, will confirm the value of the card as well as increase the elegance, expressing all your feelings for the recipient. In addition, environmentally friendly materials are also worth considering. Besides, a good material will make it more convenient for you to write inside so as not to spill or print ink outside.
  • Shade: There is a variety of sizes for you to choose from. As a gift for your beloved half, you should choose handmade cards with a beautiful, eye-catching design that creates a highlight right from the first sight. Depending on the preferences of the recipient, you can create your own highlight with the unique embossed images in the card, creating a romantic, flying feeling. Do not choose cards that are too fancy or too colorful.
  • Suitable for gifts: The color tone of the card should match the gift wrapping paper. When choosing a card, you need to choose the right one for the gift box so that the two things don’t get lost. The color harmony between greeting cards and gifts is very important.

Some samples for handmade cards in Camellia Bees

In Camellia Bees, handmade cards for wedding anniversaries are decorated in different ways. Camellia Bees understands that each year is a symbol, so the handmade brings unique characteristics.


The 1st wedding anniversary handmade cards are decorated by paper


The 15th wedding anniversary handmade cards have aluminum heart


The 40th wedding anniversary handmade card

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