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DIY How to make Anemone paper flowers from crepe paper – Paper craft Tutorial

Welcome to my blog tutorial on making handmade paper flowers – Camellia Bees.

Today I will guide you to make Anemone flower from crepe paper. This flower has many different ways to do it. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. In general, I make flowers every other day, and the flowers I make are not the same.

The time you make an Anemone flower according to this guide can be 10 minutes.

You will need the following materials:

– Crepe paper 180g or 140g burgundy, white and green.

– Crayons or watercolor

– Marker

– Water glue

– Glue or glue gun

– Floral Wire

– Cotton ball

– Scissors

– Petal Template (You could download here) Free Anemone Petal Template

Now gather the ingredients and start doing it.


Here are some photos for you to follow:
I will use cotton ball to make pistil.
The stamen part uses white crepe paper, folded in half. 

Twist a black paper strip to make the top of the stamen.

The stamen part looks very real

Now we will use glue to paste the stamens into the pistil to complete the center of the Anemone flower with paper.

Now we will make Anemone petals. You can download the template, cut the template with crepe paper (or you can use cardstock paper). Then use paint to color the vivid petals.

Paste 2 layers of petals into the pistil, each layer 4-5 petals.

Then we will attach leaves. And complete an amazingly beautiful Anemone flower.

If you have time, you could watch my tutorial video to make a beautiful anemone flower. 

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