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How To Make Paper Lily Flower (Tiger Lily) From Crepe Paper.

Papercraft tutorial – how to make paper Lily flower from Crepe paper – DIY paper flower easy- Tiger Lily Flower with bears large, fiery orange flowers covered.

The name tiger probably refers to the spots on the petals. The Tiger Lily is also known as the Ditch Lily as it is found in and around ditches in large parts of America. Let’s see how to make these easy crepe paper Tiger Lily Flower. So easy paper DIY for all of you. Step by step tutorial for crepe paper flower making paper Tiger Lily Flower – do it yourself.

For making this paper Tiger Lily, you will need:

– Floral Tape (Green or Light Green and Brown)

– Crepe paper : White, Yellow and Green

– Floral Wires 140gsm

– Water Color

– Scissors

– Tacky Glue 

Screw it, let do it!

Step 01: Stamens of paper Tiger Lily flower:

For your convenience, Camellia Bees designed a template for each flower part as shown above. You just need to follow and easy step by step to complete the Tiger Lily flower.

Cut 12 floral wires, 6 to make petals, 6 to make the stamens.
Then use brown floral and white crepe paper to wrap around the floral wire to form the stamens of the paper tiger lily.

Step 02: Petals paper tiger Lily flower

Cut 12 pieces of yellow crepe paper to shape the petals in 1 inch * 4 inch size, then paste 2 pieces into 1 connected by the wire in the center.

To create a sharp and realistic paper tiger lily flower, use orange watercolor to paint over the petals then use a black pen to dots on each petal of paper tiger lily flower.

Step 03: Connect the paper tiger lily flower

Using white tape to wrap the stamens together, adjust the shape of each pistil by your hand.

Next, use the blue tape to wrap 6 petals together, finally bend the petals to look the most realistic paper tiger Lily flower.

Step 04: Leaves of paper tiger Lily

Cut 4 pieces of green crepe paper with size of 1 inch * 3 1/4 inch and then symmetrically paired one pair on the trunk. So we have completed a beautiful tiger lily flower already. It only takes about 15 minutes, and longer if you did not use to it.

To follow more details to step by step to make paper tiger lily flower. Please click and watch the video below. Hopefully, with the above easy instructions, you can complete a beautiful paper flower to decorate or make a gift for your friends or relatives. Let’s try it !!!!


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