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How To Make Paper Lily Flowers- Easy Paper Craft Tutorial

Welcome to a handmade flower lover’s blog – Camellia Bees. I will show you how to make a beautiful purple and white lily flower from crepe paper. Hope you guys love it!!!

You will make a paper lily flower about 10 minutes. If you’re not used to it, it will take more time.

You will need the following:

– Crepe paper 180gsm or 140 gsm

– Stamens and pistils made of clay,

– White floral wire (22 gauge)

– Glue or Hot glue gun

– Floral tape

– Color pen

– Scissors

Take it easy to following my below instruction:

Step 01: Pistil of paper daisy flower

Use a white bandage to wrap the crayon stamen and pistils available.

Adjust their appearance to be as realistic as possible.

Step 02: Petals of paper daisy flower

First cut the pieces of crepe paper with a size of 6cmx15cm. Then cut diagonally to make 2 half triangles.

Flip one plate over so that the vertical line of the paper is directed from bottom to top. Attach 2 halves together and cut into a petal shape.

Gently twist the angle of each petal to create a flexible, soft. Use a purple or orange pen to color the edges and inside the petals.

Step 03: Leaves of paper daisy flowers

Shaping is similar to making petals but with a slightly smaller size. Wrap the newly finished leaf connected to the flower with a green tape to complete the beautiful lily flower.

So we will have a DIY realistic lily flower easy from crepe paper.
The following is a detailed crepe paper daisy flower tutorial on youtube.
Hope you guys like it.

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